Monday, 23 November 2015

Fresher than Daisies

Welcome back to Purgatory!
Again, it’s all go at  Purgatory at the moment as we work super hard to deliver a number of items for the project, let’s break these down for you:
  • Murder Inc is done. The characters have basic ‘alpha’ rules ready for testing alongside stat lines
  • Refugees of Religion are in progress. Gought and Choirboy are on the drawing desk as we speak. Abilities are ready for these guys alongside stat lines.
  • St Peter arrived and has been packed up and shipped out! This guy is a fantastic sculpt done by Lux Thantor and looks great fun to paint
  • The core rule set is in first draft: (the following are all drafted and typed)
    • Contingency creation
    • Tomes (picking your Contingent)
    • Scenarios
    • Scenery
    • Board
    • Gift of the Gods

  • Salute banners have arrived as we look to the expo next year and art for the limited edition model is in progress!
  • Keysha is being sculpted by the talented Fancagne Didier, we have seen the first WIP! Exciting!
  • The 4th model in the range is ready and prepped ready to go. The sooner you buy the models, the quicker he’ll be out! Lol
Often when you sit back you look at things, how did it go? Could that have been better? What could you change?

To refer back to the sculpting article that we done early in our project, now that we have St Peter we can really talk about the process having now been through it twice. This time around our focus was tighter and we had a great deal more understanding of the sculptor’s needs, what could be considered and what would make it difficult. It allowed us to pay a lot of attention to the detail in particular, adding those little items that would really stand the model out and make it fun to paint.
There are loads of little details on Peter ranging from cufflinks so sandals, ID badge on the arm to the spikes on the bat, toe nails to keys on the wings it’s all there and this was born from a better understanding of what we wanted from the sculptor.
It helps that we have a great relationship with the sculptor as well, he is exceptionally understanding and as each fresh model comes off the slab so to speak there is a greater awareness of what each other is trying to achieve and this certainly happened.
And yes, we will be going back for more and he knows this.
Well that gives you a little update on where we are, I’m now off to finish some more rules ready for testing, time for movement, shooting and casting to be fleshed J


Friday, 30 October 2015

We're the hot stepper... murderer!

Hello and welcome back to Purgatory! It's all go in our world at the moment and here's a quick round up of what we have been up to since we last came to these shores!

  • St. Peter is done! Yes and boy oh boy does he look cool! The model as sculpted by GRX will be available in the first 2 weeks of November. We, as privileged folk have our first copy and the cast is excellent. He's up for pre order but there are only 10 remaining, so if you don't have your copy move fast!
  • Murder Inc. are complete! Last time we spoke to you they were on the drawing board, now Hannibal, Bunny Boiler, Traci and co are ready for action and join the Soul Train as our second completed faction.
  • Keysha is next up. Fancagne Didier will be sculpting one of the leading ladies from the Soul Train. Following in the footsteps of Lux Thantor and his excellent job of St. Peter, Fancagne joins the team to bring our pin up to life!
  • The Refugees of Religion are off to the artist, having been fleshed out some time ago, these guys are ready to be realised. Watch out for Bridezilla, Mother T and Faith in the coming weeks on our newsfeeds.
  • Gangsters (a name yet to be selected) and S n' M are in the final stages of being finalised. This means that we have over 50 characters ready for rules, with well over half of these having basic rules assigned. #motoring
So much has occurred as you can see. For those of you subscribed to our newsletter, look out for the next instalment which will be distributed today. Within this issue we talk about the design process, characters and even show some unrevealed as to yet artwork! If you have not subscribed, head to the website: or drop us an email at you won't be disappointed.

We also talk a little bit about the game in our latest edition, which is rattling along at a steady pace. In fact, the starting sections listed below have been formalised and well truth be told, they just need to be typed up:
  • Backstory
  • Determining Scenery
  • Selecting a Scenario
  • The game turn
  • Gifts of the God's
It's all very much a go in Purgatory and well we couldn't be happier.

Over the coming weeks we will be looking for people to play test our alpha rules and we will be making 'paper dolls' available for people to use as proxy for models yet unreleased. If you are interested in playing the game earlier than anyone else, get in touch and let us know.

This week, with so much going on, this won't be a long winded one. Instead, we hope that next week's entry will have a great deal more information for you as things begin to firm up.

Until then, enjoy the Halloween festivities and watch out for our 'Trick or Treat' offer on

All the very best

Team Purgatory

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Rules are there to be Broken and Welcome Back!

Welcome back!
It’s been a long time. Don’t worry, we haven’t deserted you, we are still here. In fact if you follow the Facebook page you will see that A LOT has happened in the last few weeks. However, the main reason for being absent from these hallowed halls is that one of us got married and went away. How dare we? I hear you cry…

“Well now were back, from out of space, don’t turn around now….” Err hang on, ‘stay on target’… We are indeed back and we have a lot to tell you about! So what has happened in Purgatory: 

  • Saint Peter is in the final stages and will be available by the second week of November! Exciting times!
  • We have had 2 articles on they are well worth a read
  • The third and fourth model are scheduled, yep, third and fourth. Keys and Barry will be following St Peter and joining us is Fancagne Didier who will be sculpting Keys for us!
  • We are also in talks to bring a limited edition ‘event only’ model along to salute
  • Murder Inc, the 3rd faction is complete from a rules perspective and is ½ complete in the art department
  • 20 characters have rules and abilities as we prepare to Alpha test!
As you can see from the above, we are motoring along quite nicely. In fact, we are really quite pleased that we are making strides forward in games terms as well as in our range.


We are working so very hard to do as much as we can. What is important is not to lose sight of the
fact that we are a fledgling company who are self-funding the entire project. We also have day jobs which are pesky and interfere with our ability to do more. (we love our jobs really) The core focus of the two of us is to bring something of substance into existence at the earliest possible time. This will mean a number of things, firstly, that we might not be as polished in our appearance as others. (for example, our website was done for free by a friend) However, it’s worth letting you guys know exactly what we are doing right now so that you know and understand what’s coming soon:

  • Revised website. We have taken on board comments of many people. It is hard to please all. However some truly valid points have been put across and primary amongst them is functionality. We are currently exploring the possibility of switching to a ‘wordpress’ or ‘opencart’ where there is shop function that supports what we are doing.
  • Factions specific rules. With Murder Inc. and Soul Train now having basic abilities assigned, we are now switching our attention to ‘refugees’ and an as yet unnamed faction that work directly for Harut (more on this below)
  • Salute stand, the design of this has started to come together as we bring together art to show case
  • Models, with Peter almost ready, Keys and Barry will be in the making to be ready for Salute. This will mean we have 4 or 5 models available for Salute to showcase and demonstrate
  • Rulebook – core rules to play Purgatory are firmly in the making (more below)
  • Artwork – full colour art and line art is being devised so that each faction has a visual identity
Rules are there to be Broken:

We have over 20 characters which now have starting abilities. By this, they have names and rules by which we propose they will be used in game. We have deliberately approached this in such a way that we are creating the characters first. Once we have a character and an identity we are looking at what words, moves or historical events you can associate to that individual. As an example, our take on Jack the Ripper has a move called “Whitechappel Whirl”.

By approaching it in this way we are aiming to prevent ourselves from limiting the scope of the game. If we set the rules first all we will do is shoe horn characters or rules into a pre determined list and therefore limit the potential for fresh and innovative ideas.

The rules are fun. Each person we have shown written notes, scribbles or typed up versions has at some point chuckled, either at the name or at the ability itself. It has caused mirth and banter and actually people have wanted to perform certain moves just for the sheer audacity of it. It’s what we are aiming for.

We suppose the next sentence will get gears and cogs whirring in the minds of any gamers that follow this BLOG. Our game is based on a D6 system.

 ………. Let that sink in for a moment………

Ok, are you ready?

Here’s why……

Our game is designed to be fun. It will hopefully challenge the tried and tested to add some more flavour. But it should also be simple, easy to pick up and effective. Painters want to paint, they want to pick a model up with a good cast, clean (briefly) prime and be underway. Gamers want to read and understand swiftly, or learn on the job. It has to be simple, it has to be fun, otherwise we will have failed. That is why it will be D6 based with a flavour of other bits along the way, cards, D8, direction etc.

In the current market place everyone is trying to out-do everyone else, coming up with innovative rules is difficult and requires a great deal of testing. It also means there is a high likelihood of things falling down the back of the sofa and overpowered individuals, gangs or armies coming to the fore. This requires correction, new versions and regular updates. This can be off putting.

Instead, it’s the fun interactive aspect or essence that we are trying to distil. Let’s give you a game which you can pick up, understand and play quickly and have a bucket tonne of laughs along the way as you declare that you are going to get Moloch to throw your model across the board, or better still into a building. Splat. Take that.

So yes, we have placed our token on the roulette table on number ‘6’, though we won’t lie, there are other side bets kicking around the table which will add to the flavour.

Thanks for reading and thanks for supporting Purgatory.

Team Purgatory

 What did you think? Let us know by comment or at

Thursday, 3 September 2015

That MF is Crazy!!!

Welcome back to Purgatory!

This week in our BLOG we talk about some rules, making something different and the challenges of making something innovative. So what has occurred?
  • Purgatory reached its 20th Sale of Death in the first 2 weeks!
  • Murder Inc. (that’s what we are calling them right now) is on the drawing table. This is our 3rd faction of the initial 4 starter factions
  • The painting competition is in full flow. We visited WAMP at their painting day on the 29th August and gave away some goodies to the participants. Free Deaths all round!
  • WAMP is now selling Purgatory models!
  • St Peter is on the block
  • Our first alpha test took place with Stevie facing off against Barry!
  • The first Purgatory News went out

I think it is important to quickly point out that I get married in 2 days. ‘Eeek’ and I go away for 3 whole weeks touring the states! Fun times ahead. Don’t panic however, the company is in good hands as my partner will have the reigns. It might be however that the BLOG is not as frequent as it has been of late. Don’t fear, it’s just holiday time at Purgatory.

It’s been a whirlwind few weeks since Death went on sale. It was received really well and we are on course for our initial sales projection. It’s great that so many people have supported our work and its only going to get better. As you will see from the bullet points above, St Peter is in the making and the sculptor started a few days ago on our next model. We are aiming to have the model available for purchase in the first 2 weeks of October. As a treat to newsletter subscribers you will get a first glimpse of this....
The website is up and we have received some nice comments. As time goes on a shop will appear on the site so that you can purchase the model through a shopping cart facility. Holidays and weddings have prevented this being in place now as our website developer is on his honeymoon right now!

With the characters decided for the first 4 angels alongside the factions that will be available we have instructed the artists to proceed and crack on. Now however we have firmly switched our attention to the game of Purgatory that will be released alongside our range of models.

Alpha testing is fun but not for the feint hearted.

When Barry charged Stevie, we expected more damage, however what with Stevie invoking “The power of sight compels me”, Barry was not so confident after all. It literally went like that.

Rules are rules, a lot of them need to be the same or similar to other mechanics out there. They are present in the market place for a reason, that reason predominately being because they work well already and people have responded well to them. So what is the concern you ask?

Purgatory have some great ideas, we have some unique scenarios that see friend and foe ally for a common cause. We have unique mechanics for determining the game type and an approach to our roster that allows a multitude of opportunities to be considered or applied. Couple that with the card element that will follow and we have some great stuff. However….

Currently we are looking at something quite dramatic. Something that sits alongside the typical ‘weapon skill’, ‘intellect’ and ‘magic/mana’ stats that are the staple of what we enjoy playing and here in lies the challenge, though we feel we may have cracked it.

On my return form holiday we will be ramping up the gaming aspect of Purgatory and we will be releasing very early alpha testing to try and see how well our mechanics work. If this is something that interests you, sign up to the newsletter on the Purgatory website where we will be publishing details on how you can get involved. It will be limited in numbers and we will require feedback from you alongside an NCR disclaimer.

There’s more…

We want Purgatory to be for ADULTS.

Purgatory will have an adult theme, one of murder, lust, swearing and fun. It will be dark, moody and a little edgy so that in our dark little caves we can chuckle at an inappropriate event of series of circumstances. It sounds a bit sinister, but it’s not. Instead it’s exactly what we think when a beardy so and so on the other side of the table unleashes the combination of destiny on your hapless models.

Some of the mechanisms within the game will have a light hearted feel. I’ll leave on an example…

Whereas in other games you might be considered ‘stubborn’ or ‘fearless’ by passing a break test in the face or horror, terror or fear. In Purgatory quite simply, “That, Mofo is Crazy”….

Enjoy and see you on the flip side.


Wednesday, 26 August 2015

..... and on the roll of 2D6 it was Easter Monday! Huh, What?!!?

Hello everyone!

Welcome back to Purgatory! We hope you are well and that you have been following our exploits of late on our various pages? It’s been quite busy but we are not stopping there. Oh No. So “did I miss anything?” I hear you ask, let’s run through what has occurred: 

  • Website went live! We like it, we hope you do too. Please, please give us some thoughts on the site, is there anything missing?
  • 15 sold and counting! Not bad for week one. Death has started to hit the shelves and the response has been pleasing
  • St Peter is being sculpted. Yep, the brief for St Pete is complete and we are ramping up the second model
  • Painting Competition. It’s really worthwhile grabbing the model, at a reduced rate, painting her and entering our comp. you can win a free St Peter and discount from WAMP!
  • Newsletter. Some of you may have seen the newsletter. If you haven’t head to and sign up for news and updates
And breathe. In truth progress is coming along nicely. We have had some great articles done by Beasts of War, Table Top Gaming News, WAMP and more. That people are beginning to hear about us is great news and we hope that this positive upturn in followers, likes and subscriptions will lead to bigger and better things.

In the coming weeks we encounter a holiday. One of us gets married and has a 3 week honeymoon. But updates will continue and soon, certain snippets of information will only be made available via these mediums so be sure to sign up and find out everything we are up to!

At the moment we are heading into the dark realms of game design, with Death on the shelf and stock available to go to anyone who wants her and with Peter heading to the forge, we now switch our attentions to game mechanics and testing to see just how the game plays out.

Something that is quite key to the process for us, specifically in our world, is that we are able to create a balance. Not only between angels, but also for the main component of the game, which is the human element. Humans in Purgatory are Grots, well to pretty much anything else. And we all know just how rubbish a grot is, though if you have 100 of them, then things just got that bit more serious. Alas however with angels being the paragon of power, skill and general all round awesomeness it is key that a human can inflict damage to any of the angels. We don’t want angels running around killing everyone and then having a giant death match at the end.

That is why the mechanics are important but also the objectives that we design. In purgatory, cats get skinned in a multitude of ways, so the I’ve got the biggest monster, smash, will only carry you so far. In fact, probably not very far at all. Furthermore there will be random events that may very well determine what happens in that battle. For example:

Being from a holy set of text, we figured why not add some variables. In the scenario we now list we figured it would be great to mix up the set up phase. In the example used we are playing ‘general assassination’ where each players primary goal is to take out the angel at all costs, but just not your own angel.

So we come to the day. A D8 is rolled. 1 = Monday, 2 = Tuesday, etc with 7 being a Sunday. Different days have different buffs. However if an 8 is rolled you grab 2d6 and consult the chart. In the example we are going to ‘selectively roll’ say a 7, the chart says it is “Easter Monday – The first model on each side to die, will rise from the dead automatically from the place that it died”. So therefore, pouring all of your attacks into the angel turn 1 may not be a very wise move. It adds a unique dynamic to the game which can change natural or tactical behaviours towards models or characters which we hope you will like.

Anyway, we need to leave something for you testers so we won’t say much more. But hopefully you can see from the little bit above that thinking outside the box (grrr corporate speech) is something that we are striving for. Bringing a freshness to table top gaming is one of our key objectives.

On that note, we will leave you and hope this triggers some enthusiasm or even some curiosity in what we are designing.

If you have any questions then please, please get in touch, say “Hi” and let us know what you are thinking.

All the very best

Team Purgatory

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Two multiplied by 10 plus 1 - Death Done!

Today’s post is full of joy, when we posted last week we talked about where we were, the exciting things that had occurred and what might be next for everyone at Purgatory. Well, the boxes arriving, the website going live, a few pre orders trickling in all contributed towards what happened yesterday.

Yesterday, the stock arrived. And a few words spring to mind. Success. Culmination. Fruition. Finishing Line.

It was great to receive some of the stock yesterday, that we had the boxes ready with all of the inserts was great news but to then have the models arrive and be individually boxed was great because it represented a successful conclusion to that particular stage of the project. In fact, it was the completion of the first stage, which let’s face it offers the greatest potential for pitfall. 

So how does it feel?

Brilliant. This project is being run by two people. One of which is a hobby enthusiast of old, you know, the good old times when models were lead. Having won a silver demon, achieved a few finalists at Games Days and Salute 2015, as well as being an avid gamer back in the day at good old GW (First Winner of the Kill Team event) this represented a new milestone in my hobby. To have thought, designed, created, produced and sold a model from end to finish is a fantastic feeling. My partner who is not from the world we all live in and ‘love’ has similar sense of achievement, that we have been able to bring this project to life has galvanised us and well we just want to bring more out!

Any Highlights?

Yes. Seeing thoughts come alive on paper is phenomenal. Watching the barest concept transform over a series of updates is inspiring to say the least. That a whole world or domain can come to life from the fragments of an imagination is quite awe inspiring. I realise I sound a bit grandiose however it’s really how we feel. We had favourite concepts and ideas and to see them walk onto a page is well, just brilliant.

I would be remiss not mention the sculpting process. Watching the character walk off the page, onto an armature and grow is great fun. It helped that the sculptor made it a straight forward process.

Working with friends is great. You can be creative without limitation. Doing something with a close friend has its risks however much with anything if you go about something in the right way, in an open and transparent approach then the process is twice the fun. The laughter generated by creating unique, weird and wonderful characters has been great. It has been tempered with hard work, commitment and no small amount of Madras curry to ease the process. But the balance has been right and we attribute this to our success.

Any Lows?

Yes of course but nothing like I had expected. When you go into something like this you will wander past some naysayers. A piece of advice I’d give is don’t ignore them. Listen actually but most importantly make your own mind up. Everyone in life has a different level of tolerance when it comes to risk, you will find yours along the way, so embrace the idea you have and give it the attention your risk level will allow. You never know, you might end up with something quite special. We think we have.

Delays is the big thing, we are slightly old school in our approach and well, we feel it is important to achieve what we say, when we say it. Shifting dates around can often send out the wrong message. Fortunately for us, this has not happened a great deal and whilst this was a small low, it is something learnt from and in the grand scheme of things is greatly outweighed by the positives.

So what happens next?

The model is on sale. You can but the model by emailing us at pending some sales, we will be asking the sculptor to create St Peter so look out for artwork on him in the coming days. We will also be showcasing our first faction in the coming weeks so that you can see a bit more on the expanded part of the world.
Now we work hard to continue the good work and keep you guys up to date with what is going on. Bringing new art, characters and scenes to life so that we can realise our vision of bringing Purgatory to life.

One other thing that we are going to do is a painting competition. As big advocates of the painting and gaming community we will be running painting competition for each model that we release. Each time we do, we will pick our favourite models from the submissions and those winners will receive a free copy of the next model. Its that simple. You support us and we will reward you. Furthermore, we will be showcasing the painted models on our website for you to show off to the world. How’s about that?

Look out for this, it will be coming out in the next week or so, so grab a copy and get planning.
Until next time, we will bid you farewell. It would have been remiss not to put a phase one post completion take on things, so hopefully having read about the journey you have enjoyed this read and will follow our steps as we march forward.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and see you on the flip side.


Sunday, 9 August 2015

Slowly Slowly Catchy Monkey...

Evening folks!

Welcome back to Purgatory!

It's been a tough week. Off project the wedding is rattling along like a mine cart with square wheels, ok so it's not that bad but there seems to be so much to do. My partner and I put an offer in for a house, I wasn't aware we were actually looking but hey, that's life. The good news was it was accepted.

In and amongst this a WHOLE HEAP of stuff happened in Purgatory. Let's look back at what:
  • happened for a start! Super thanks to Mr. Hoang for creating the site on our behalf. We think it looks great and we are pleased to have it out there. It has some bits to be added but in the main it's all good.
  • Some models arrived, along with some boxes, some cards and some inserts. Wooo.... now that is quite a big thing. The main stock (after being delayed) will arrive in the coming days and we will start selling the model. Pre Orders go out first and foremost. The whole set looks great!
  • Moloch's faction are tied down. The characters are fleshed out and we are super hyped by these guys!
  • Ania gave us a fantastic image that we will be bringing to you soon as well
  • Salute. We will see you at Salute 2016. We have been accepted for a table and we are super hyped!

So much has happened. It's been a blur, truly but as we take a step closer to the end game we will soon be able to reflect and understand how well this all went.


We have had some really positive feedback. Thank you. It has been suggested that our model is completely unique and that the presentation and items included in the box of a good quality! That is really great to hear. When you get a mad idea in your head and 'x' months later it appears in reality, the only thing kinda keeping you going is the little devil guy on your shoulder going "this is going to be like, totally rad dude".... so to hear positive things really helps to reinforce our madness.


We had some. w00t! We are seriously humbled by the feedback we are getting. Thank you. I would be remiss not to point you to our 'shop' on the website where you can enquire about purchasing the model. Sales will go ahead as soon as the stock arrives and we can't wait to start shipping this lot!

Soooo now what!??!

St. Peter! Yep, head over to the website, check out the website where you will see yet more (like, yep, more) amazing artwork by Lorinda Tomko for St. Peter. He looks hench and I tell you what, I've been clubbing and if some crazy assed old dude with sandals, wings, white beard, halo and a baseball bat comes after me, I'm like "nope, I'm leaving already".

That's right, our second model will begin the creation process in the next 1-2 weeks and we really hope you guys will like him.

Long Term Goals

When I started this, I never knew my feeble brain had the capacity to actually get this far. When you dream something up (usually just as you drift off to sleep, mind screaming... "nooooooo" because it's so cool but you will have forgotten by the morning) you either dismiss it immediately, or talk yourself into thinking it can't/won't happen.

So when we set this up and Aidan came on board, being quite business like we very much set some limitations. Being 'normal' (to define normal, we pay bills, taxes, have weight issues and have a day job to afford the aforementioned) we knew this is something we could not fund indefinitely. The success of Eve (Death) and St Peter will determine our longevity in this project. The goal quite simply being, sales from Eve and Pete will fund number 3 (yes we have chosen which, but that's a secret right now *wink*). If we can get to Christmas with 3 models and 4 by Salute at least then absolutely yes, we will be going to a kickstarter near you!

Where are you right now. I mean, like right now?

Fair question. This is where we are at:

  • 14 Angels/Fallen Angels designed with concepts finalised. 6 Have been sketched out or have colour art.
  • 3 Factions completely designed with concepts finalised (each faction has an Apostle, prophet, Minions and 6 other characters) One of which is fully sketched out (soul train).
  • Card game is in early development
  • Rules are in the making, alpha testing scheduled for early December
  • First model is available for pre order
  • Second model will commence in 2 weeks
  • Salute table is booked
  • Kickstarter date is pencilled in
A firm plan is in place, even now, with no idea as to the potential success of Death, you can see that we are well in advanced stages of following the actions through. The reason for this being is that if we stop and stand still it delays the process, if we don't bring enough to the table, you will wonder how rich the world is and how much depth there truly is.

So that's the update. The project is on track and our first model (who by the way will be kick ass in the game - Just saying) is ready to go. Join us and be a part of this project, support us if you can by picking up the Old Dame, painting her in rich and vibrant colours and show the world your craft!

For now we bid you good night and look forward to bringing you more updates along the way...

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Sugar, Spice and all things Nice!

Welcome back to the Purgatory BLOG. Thanks for stopping by,

There are a number of things drawing every closer at the moment, one of which is my impending wedding. Eeek. If you think that setting a small business up is tough, try arranging a big day. Boy oh boy does that take some patience :)

Despite the lull that we have spoken of in the last few messages some important things have occurred or are occurring in the next few days. Here's what:

  • We have been confirmed for Salute Expo in London for 2016! This is great news and it will be our first opportunity to showcase the models on the big stage. If you don't know what Salute is head over and check it out over here: - we really hope that we will see you there.
  • The website is in the final stages of being completed and we have seen the content first hand. The kind sir that is creating the website for us will be visiting on the 7th of August and we hope to be going live at this point!
  • Boxes, cards and artwork etc. is scheduled to arrive this Friday. Hopefully my future wife will allow me some meagre space to store all of this but nonetheless we will be getting boxes ready to ship the models.
  • on the subject of models, the first few will be arriving imminently so that we can post some pictures and set about getting some painted versions up for you to have a look at
  • The model is scheduled to be available for sale on or around the 10th August
  • The sculptor of Death has been primed and the second model has been planned in

As you can see, quite a lot is occurring right now and we are approaching the final stages of getting our project off the ground.

Last week I mentioned the Soul Train, talked very briefly about their origins and what they are about. I suppose it's at this point that I should point out that a lot of the information we are putting out in this BLOG is very early design or concept stuff. Some but not all of it, is still in the works as we tweak things.

For example, if we give a character 'x' stats or 'y' weapon and that shows to be overpowered in testing, we might very well need to change it. Hopefully you guys in the community can relate to that and understand this caveat all too well.

So who is in the Soul Train, well we won't tell you the names yet but here is a quick one liner on the characters:

Super Singer - This chap is the factions Apostle, the highest ranking individual. He carries a whip and a mace in the form of a spiked rose.
Piano Man - This guy is blind and controls a grand piano that has an in-built turret system which can mow down 10 revellers per second with ease. Piano Man is the factions Prophet.
Guns - This girl is super fast on her roller skates and a dead shot with Ebony and Ivory
Vinyl - Vinyl records with razor sharp metal lacing the edges being thrown at you by the dozen. Watch out!
Sax - This guy will set fire into your heart with a tune that is raging hot!
Mic - Ever seen a recently dumped boyfriend go to town on someone with a mic stand...?
Keys - This master of music will have you dancing to her tune in now time. Resistance is futile
Beats - Those ghettoblasters from the 80's were pretty heavy, ever get hit by one at top speed? Yeah, ouch.
Cats - Too cool for school, these critters will maul you with tooth and claw.

More will come out on each of these characters as the weeks go by. The art work for these guys is finished and they will be coming out in the next few weeks as we showcase our very first faction.

Tonight we will be playing with some of the game mechanics. We don't want to talk too much about the specific individual details because there is every chance that these will change, but what we can tell you is that we are trying to bring a fun aspect to it.

The design process has taken into consideration how people perceive angels. How they have been represented in films, their actions, there characteristics and most importantly their abilities. By looking at all of these it has given us a base for some interesting mechanics that I have certainly not seen before. It adds a different dimension to what we are looking to achieve and hopefully will give players a chance to add a 'pip' of strategy to their game play. It is certainly a move away from the meet in the middle and bash approach.

As with other games it is very hard to be completely unique. There are so many systems out their at the moment that you can never be entirely sure. However we hope by applying our spin to the norm approach that we are in the process of bringing something that is unique overall.

Adding a unique game play to a short duration card game, alongside a interchangeable character and weapon system should hopefully peak some interest in enough people to make this project a success.

In the coming weeks, the BLOG will switch between a painting log of Death and greater detail on the mechanics of the game.

In an unusual twist I won't be saying now what is next week as a lot can change right now but be rest assured as the weeks go by a lot will start to solidify and take shape and we will be looking for people to assist us with alpha testing once the rules are complete and the mechanics honed.

If you like these or have any comments, questions or suggestions. Please let us know, it's great to hear from people enthused by this project.

All the very best for now.

Team Purgatory

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Do you have Soul?

Hi all, as we explained last week we are in the transition phase at the moment. Waiting for boxes, artwork (physical) and the model to arrive, ready to pack, pack, pack them up ready to go out. So what is new this week? 

  • Background art for Death arrived this week, something to set the tone and it is stunning, be rest assured.
  • Delays?!!? Yep, unfortunately we are likely to be a week behind our initial expectations of having the stock in store. It happens like that, not all news is good news.
  • Game progress, a few more items have been added to the game and we are stepping up our approach to rule design and core identity
I would like to touch on things going wrong. It happens, so keep your head up. Often things aren’t quite as simple as they seem. That quote hasn’t truly been explained or explored, that delivery timeline hasn’t factored in UK mail or even that artwork didn’t arrive because the adjustments you made took longer than you expected.

Having delivered multi million pound projects in my day job, I am well aware of the term ‘stretch’. It happens to even the most organised amongst us and well, we have experienced our first. But whilst it is a disappointment, context is important. The customer base we have are likely to wait a week for a model they truly want, it’s not like turkeys at Christmas, the window is much bigger. Don’t get us wrong, we don’t want to let anyone down but to date nobody has suggested that they need the model by a date that we cannot now achieve. Therefore our clients expectations are maintained. So if anyone out there is looking at this with a view to doing something themselves, don’t panic. Deep breath and go again, because ultimately you will still deliver what you set out to achieve.

Chugga Chugga, Choo Choo….

The Soul Train have been mentioned in passing quite a few times now. In fact they were the subject of our first competition. So who, or what are they?

In the last few weeks we have given you some more information on the who’s who. This focussed in the main on the chief protagonists from the Purgatory world. The Soul Train are our first revelation of the human detritus that mewl around the feet of greater beings.

Purgatory is about angels. It is about the aftermath from the War for Heaven. Where did the angels go? What did they do next? Who was left? Whilst this is a core element of the world, Humans also play a big part. Man was God’s creation, his finest work and the angels were created to watch over and safeguard His greatest creation. So what with Earth being the battlefield, it would kind of be missing the mark if humans were not kicking around hey…

The Soul Train are the first faction and their creation came about from the method of approach we explained last time around. Take a solid idea, stretch it and view it from the another perspective. How differently can it look?

The initial idea was to attach a faction to a person. It’s a tried, tested and traditional approach which has evolved since that point but the Soul Train were attached to Erishkigal who is the guardian of souls. So we quite literally took the world ‘soul’ and thought about what we could do. We ended up looking at the miniature market and realised that there was a space for a group of humanoid models that had a musical slant. They are unique and unlike others created on a table-top game, so how could we best represent them?

The Humans in purgatory are designed to be pretty useless. I mean, they are not angels of prodigious strength, speed and dexterity, they are more like a goblin equivalent from the well-known Warhammer world. They are also mortal which means they are pretty weak. But it was the will of man that God was so proud of and it is this that sees mankind stand and fight, despite the odds. So it doesn’t matter your background, creed, colour, race, religion or purpose, anyone can pick up the nearest thing and club and angel to death with it.

The Soul Train consists of 9 ‘individuals’ and most of them were in a band that played in clubs across the world. They were famous and infamous in the same breath. Through tragedy they perished in a raging inferno as a nightclub was raised to the ground after a feud between St. Peter and another unknown angel spilled into the mortal realm. In death they eventually found their way to the halls of Erishkigal who would torment each soul in turn.

Though Erishkigal is capricious and is known to use the souls at her disposal to bring havoc on the world above and the Soul Train found favour with their new master which saw them restored to the world of mortals with a much changed but very clear agenda. The Soul Train are reapers of souls in name of their master, they appear indiscriminate in their approach but rest assured there is method to the madness. Targeting the generals and lieutenants of other Angels is a specialism of the Soul Train.

So if Super Stevie wheels out the grand piano “Ragdoll 3000” and Parisi starts shuffling through his stack of vinyl’s be wary because you just became collateral for a target close by.

Next up: More on the Soul Train and Game Mechanics…

Thursday, 16 July 2015

I and T's....

Morning All!!
So what is happening Purgatory this week I hear you cry (or whisper, you choose)? Well lets have the usual summary to kick things off! 

  • The packaging for Death has been finalised. Each model will come in a 2 part box and will contain a base, unique card art, contact card, playing card and the model itself. 20 lucky people will get a limited edition card which has a gold border. This will be inserted at random and offer a little quirk for the future.
  • The first casts are underway and we hope to be showcasing the model in the next week. After that Burtnernie from coolminiornot will be doing a step by step progress for us as he paints the model. Exciting times!
  • Super Stevie from the Soul Train is done and joins the rest of his crew.
  • The second model is scheduled for creation in September and ‘he’ (bit of a clue there) has been selected already as our next model.
  • Our next faction, Refugees of Religion are in the works and we are breathing life in to the characters
As I am sure you can see, we are progressing quite nicely. As we explained in the last BLOG we are in the period now of ‘crossing the T’s and dotting the I’s’ so it is just a waiting game whilst our items are created and shipped to us, ready for you to get to grips with.

For readers of the BLOG we thought you might like to know that we will be doing a painting competition for Death. It’s quite straight forward, the best painted model will receive a free, yes free version of the next model released. Who doesn’t love free stuff huh?

With a clear scene or setting for the foundation of what we are bringing to you, the story has a strong spine to it already. Having also now introduced you to some of the main players our time is now focused on creating the factions that life within the world.

One of the things we want to do is make this game as flexible as it can be. Whilst factions will have ties to a specific angel or renegade, they are not going to be truly limited to them. Having been a gamer and a painter for over 20 years now I have often found it frustrating when I’ve seen a fantastic model which is only available in a boxed set. Furthermore, I have sat with envy many a time across the table as a model with a particular skill has danced its way around my force.

Purgatory offers something different. Whilst there are factions and that they are linked to a specific person, the only thing tying them to that person will be a ‘buff’. This means that if you really want to you can have half of the Soul Train, mixed with half of the Refugees of Religion. The options are designed to give you the ability to make your very own faction from a combination of all of the humans that we will be offering.

So if you want ‘Jazz’ with his flaming saxophone, ‘Faith’ with her riot shield and ‘Stevie’ with his machine gun piano (yep, you heard that right) because they are cool looking models then you can.

The important part of all of this is balancing and by creating a range of models that have different skills or looks, we are aiming to bring a flexible approach to roster creation that gives you the power to field exactly what you want. OK, we don’t want you fielding 10 angels in a standard game, that would be beardy, so we will ensure the unit choices and points cost balance to allow unique situations, games, events or scenarios to take place.

What is the scale exactly? Well each faction will have at least 9 models to choose from. An Apostle, a Prophet, some humans and a familiar/beast. So if you look back at our BLOG on “Who’s who” then you will see that our plan is to have this number of models, to accompany each angel. In simple terms that is 63 human models at the very least. It’s a high aspiration but it is important to us that we communicate our ideas. By doing this it is our hope that we are giving you the confidence that this is going to have some substance.

It does however start with Death (Eve). The level of success we achieve with this little old lady will set the tone for how quickly we can progress and bring more models to the table (pardon the pun). If we are successful with the initial characters we are planning a kickstarter that will bring a greater number of models to bear alongside a robust set of rules for you to make war in Purgatory.

Next up: Who are the Soul Train…

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Bringing it all together!

Hello all! First and foremost – Thank you. The interest and support some of you have shown is really helping us to push on. That we are connecting with people at various levels is very encouraging and just speaking to people about different ideas and approaches is very interesting. We really like to hear from you guys so please feel free to get in touch over anything that we are doing.

So what is happening in Purgatory this week?! Come on, tell me I need to know… 

  • Eve has landed at the producers! Death is a step closer to being realised and we hope to have a resin model early next week!!
  • Moloch just trampled his way to the inbox
  • Stevie from the Soul Train is about to gun us all down with a murderous melody
  • The boxes have been finalised and are in progress
  • The unique card art is finalised and off to the printers!
Phew… So much going on… actually, the grains of sand have truly slowed. Don’t get us wrong, there is a lot to do however we have reached that stage in the process where we now sit back, cheque book in hand ready to pay people to realise our dream. It’s quite surreal but to put it into context for you:

Design an idea
Canvass people to make sure your idea is not nonsense
Find artists
Commission art, getting 5 characters
Decide on the first character
Find a sculptor
Commission a sculptor
Decide on packaging
Find a packaging solution
Request proof’s
Find a model producer
Send the model to the producer

And then….. deep breath. Sit back whilst you realise all of the above has been done and that the every part of the process is now in the hand of another as you admire the many kites you have in your hand flying high whilst you hold the strings, ready to reel them in for the release date. That is where we currently are and we hope that gives you comfort that the oiled machine is firing on all cylinders.

1st August is still on track. Yes! But that is just it. What do we do now? Well as we have said before, this is self-funding and the success of our investment is truly realised by the sale of Death. If she sells well then we have already lined up the artists for the next images, the sculptor for the next green and the packaging company for the next items. We of course are developing the back story, building new characters, getting fresh art and designing rules as we sit with fingers crossed but the waiting game is upon us. It’s odd. And the advice I would give anybody doing this is “Go with it”. Don’t panic, don’t worry, have a count up and a double check. Charge your batteries and savour the moment, because just around the corner you have 200 boxes to prep, models to bag, art to separate and a whole heap of advertising to do. Enjoy it, it might be fun.

That’s all good and what not and thanks, but I was expecting to hear about constructs we hear you say.

Death is in 2 parts. Eve, with the scissors, but also the option exists of having Death in the nightmarish form that you know and love from the many images available in books and on the web. The sinister black cloak, the scythe, the hour glass etc etc. Traditionally Death has been a skeleton, covered in the main by the black cloak however our approach challenges that norm and places quite a nice spin on it, or so we think any way.

As you have learned before, Death the spectre was created by Eve. This was done to hide her true identity from her children. This spectre or for a better word construct is a representation of the visage described above. In our world Death was created using pieces of wood from Noah’s ark, cloths from the earliest human civilisations and blade unlike any other in this realm. As such, it is a construction from many part.

As you will have seen from the recent sketches put up, Death now has an axe, the construct is animated and made from wood and fabric with beasts and creepy crawlies inhabiting him. He has masks around his waist which reflect the many visions in which he might appear to you depending on the part of the world you are being reaped from. Most importantly, this represents your ability in Purgatory to take Death in a different format with very different rules and tactics.

There will be many options in Purgatory and this represents one of the variety of unit types that you will be able to field in our game.

We hope you have enjoyed this update.

Next up: Crossing the T’s and Dotting the I’s

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Sculpting.... an experience!

In the words of the great Dr Nick… “Hello everybody…”

Boy oh boy is it hot! Yikes. I saw a great meme yesterday which shows a picture of a certain hobbit, with the words “It so hot in my room, that 2 hobbits just came passed and threw a ring at me” that made me chuckle and pretty much sums up how we all feel right now, so you will excuse us for not really having much to update this week, as we soak our wrists in cold water, sleep on the floor and usher hobbits from our abode.

What we can tell you is this: 

  • We have ordered the card art. It’s in production as I type and the sample boxes arrive any day now.
  • The ‘green’ of Death has been sent to the producers and we hope to have the first models in the next 2 weeks. This will allow me to paint this beauty up and post work in progress shots on getting to grips with Death.
  • A decisions has been reached on who will be our next sculpt and we think you will be quite excited by him.
  • Super sinister Moloch is stomping his way closer to us with each passing day.
There is so much more to tell you but we don’t want to give too much away in this early development stage, but rest assured that we will share this with you as time marches on. Today I thought I would do a little bit on sculpting.

Traditional vs Digital

With the dawn of 3D printers, everyone is jumping on the bandwagon but I am not sure yet that the quality is truly there. Something that was quickly established as one of our values is that we wanted to bring you the highest level of quality that we could afford. Whilst there are some great 3D examples out there, there has been a heavy investment, which reflects the unit price. The other side of digital is 3D renders. The benefit of these is that you can grab a model that already exists in digital render and change an arm, head or pose whilst retaining key distinguishing features of the model. Furthermore you always have a copy, so long as you have saved it!

The downside of traditional is quite clear. The model can be damaged, there is only one of this so long as a cast has not been made. Therefore there is a higher risk for transit between the sculptor and the producer. There is also the risk of the model going wrong during casting. The flexibility is not necessarily there as you can just erase an arm on a computer and put a new one in its place. You would have to produce another which is very hard to achieve truly.

Now you are probably sitting there thinking, er hang on, why on earth did you go traditional. The answer lay in: talent and cost.

IT solutions cost money. Let’s face it we can all relate to that, so actually to find somebody that can do the work without a considerable number of man hours is quite hard to find. Especially with a high quality end product. Don’t get us wrong, they are out there, however as a self-funding organisation aiming to sell a competitive priced product this had an impact. Furthermore, as something quite new, there are fewer people with the expertise and those that have it, know it, which is reflected in time, availability and cost.

The benefit of traditional is that first and foremost, anyone that exists now as a traditional sculptor of any repute or quality has a portfolio. You can see the things they excel at, for example some sculptors have a natural eye for the female form, others are good with beasts and animals or larger models. Because the digital approach is new, there is less to guide you as to how your model might look. Furthermore, these guys have been doing it for a long time, they are experienced in the potential pitfalls and problems that can present themselves along the way, particularly with casting. This can help a novice a great deal, as we found out.

The right man for the job

We were very fortunate. We had a recommendation for a chap called Lux Thantor, I’d seen his work first hand and a mutual friend put us in touch. I pitched the idea to Lux and explained what we were trying to achieve. Like any artist (and trust me sculpting is a fine art) they have to relate or be enthused by the project otherwise there is a risk that the end product does end up right. Lux liked the idea and was in. We agreed a slot in his busy schedule and chatted all the way. I can’t stress the importance of communication during this initial phase. Explaining the feel, tone, style and vision is categorically fundamental in making sure you get what you are after. Lux made this easy for us and we couldn’t be more grateful.

Transforming 2D to 3D

I’ve been asked a few times now. How on earth did you get from traditional cliché death to this old hag with scissors. Simple, I’ll explain. You can often come up with something very different by pushing the boundaries of the accepted. So in the case of Death I looked at the polar opposite of the spectrum, big and intimidating vs small and understated. So it literally was “what if Death was a little old lady?” and boom, we were on the right path. “But what’s with the scissors?” well, in many historical civilisations or fantasy worlds, cutting someone’s thread was associated with someone dying or being killed. So what does an old lady cut thread with? Scissors of course! But how will that look on a model, a small pair of scissors? OK, well let’s go the opposite, huge, unwieldy ones that you can then attach a story to. As a bit of a spoiler, the scissors are actually the blades Wrath and Ruin re-forged.

Doing something in your mind can be simple if you are lucky enough to have that creative spark. However transferring this from paper to physical was quite a scary prospect.

If you have never done it before, we can tell you, it is certainly an experience! Because we knew no better, we would sit there having received the latest update and furiously chew our bottom lip, imagining what it ‘might’ look like. “How will he do that bit?” or “Does that arm look right?” etc etc. We had no experience of how the process worked, why things had to be done a certain way and that actually in order to achieve a certain effect, something else had to be done first. I don’t expect Lux would mind us saying, we were a nightmare.

But Lux was great. He took time to explain, rather than get frustrated or exasperated he took time to provide suggestion or a commentary with regular updates to help us along the way. We were then able to visualise the end product as it was created from the bottom up and we started to understand the process which helped enormously.

I am a great believer in understanding the role you ask people to perform on your behalf. Having an understanding allows to be empathetic to the constraints or limitations of any given task, which means you can consider it in your decision making. Lux helped us do that.

Decide for yourself

The best piece of advice a number of people gave me along the way, Scott, Brett, Lux and Pete to name a few was that you as the creative designer should go through with what you set out to achieve. Other people, to whom might provide very valid critique can’t see your vision, and as such they might not be able to understand why you are approaching things in the way you are.

By all means listen, Christ if it hadn’t been for wife to be, we’d have missed a fundamental element of our first model. But don’t get too distracted or down by what other people think. This is your project because you have the drive to realise it and like someone said, fail because you failed, not because of someone else.

The end result

You get to the end, you have heart attacks along the way as a newbie to this world but the end result is worth the anxious sense of walking into the unchartered. We are thrilled with Death and we hope to have her available for you in the first week of August. We hope you like Death too and we truly hope that some of you will pick the model up and paint the crap out of her and show us and the world your take on our idea.

Hopefully, this gives you a ‘brief’ but honest depiction of what we experienced and why we made some of the decisions we made. What we have said above might not be what you choose to do. You might disagree with our thought process but that doesn’t mean you or we are wrong, it just means that you have a different set of circumstances and a different view. What we do hope is however is that our experience with will give you a brief insight and maybe the confidence to jump into the world of creative model making. 

Next up: