Thursday, 9 July 2015

Bringing it all together!

Hello all! First and foremost – Thank you. The interest and support some of you have shown is really helping us to push on. That we are connecting with people at various levels is very encouraging and just speaking to people about different ideas and approaches is very interesting. We really like to hear from you guys so please feel free to get in touch over anything that we are doing.

So what is happening in Purgatory this week?! Come on, tell me I need to know… 

  • Eve has landed at the producers! Death is a step closer to being realised and we hope to have a resin model early next week!!
  • Moloch just trampled his way to the inbox
  • Stevie from the Soul Train is about to gun us all down with a murderous melody
  • The boxes have been finalised and are in progress
  • The unique card art is finalised and off to the printers!
Phew… So much going on… actually, the grains of sand have truly slowed. Don’t get us wrong, there is a lot to do however we have reached that stage in the process where we now sit back, cheque book in hand ready to pay people to realise our dream. It’s quite surreal but to put it into context for you:

Design an idea
Canvass people to make sure your idea is not nonsense
Find artists
Commission art, getting 5 characters
Decide on the first character
Find a sculptor
Commission a sculptor
Decide on packaging
Find a packaging solution
Request proof’s
Find a model producer
Send the model to the producer

And then….. deep breath. Sit back whilst you realise all of the above has been done and that the every part of the process is now in the hand of another as you admire the many kites you have in your hand flying high whilst you hold the strings, ready to reel them in for the release date. That is where we currently are and we hope that gives you comfort that the oiled machine is firing on all cylinders.

1st August is still on track. Yes! But that is just it. What do we do now? Well as we have said before, this is self-funding and the success of our investment is truly realised by the sale of Death. If she sells well then we have already lined up the artists for the next images, the sculptor for the next green and the packaging company for the next items. We of course are developing the back story, building new characters, getting fresh art and designing rules as we sit with fingers crossed but the waiting game is upon us. It’s odd. And the advice I would give anybody doing this is “Go with it”. Don’t panic, don’t worry, have a count up and a double check. Charge your batteries and savour the moment, because just around the corner you have 200 boxes to prep, models to bag, art to separate and a whole heap of advertising to do. Enjoy it, it might be fun.

That’s all good and what not and thanks, but I was expecting to hear about constructs we hear you say.

Death is in 2 parts. Eve, with the scissors, but also the option exists of having Death in the nightmarish form that you know and love from the many images available in books and on the web. The sinister black cloak, the scythe, the hour glass etc etc. Traditionally Death has been a skeleton, covered in the main by the black cloak however our approach challenges that norm and places quite a nice spin on it, or so we think any way.

As you have learned before, Death the spectre was created by Eve. This was done to hide her true identity from her children. This spectre or for a better word construct is a representation of the visage described above. In our world Death was created using pieces of wood from Noah’s ark, cloths from the earliest human civilisations and blade unlike any other in this realm. As such, it is a construction from many part.

As you will have seen from the recent sketches put up, Death now has an axe, the construct is animated and made from wood and fabric with beasts and creepy crawlies inhabiting him. He has masks around his waist which reflect the many visions in which he might appear to you depending on the part of the world you are being reaped from. Most importantly, this represents your ability in Purgatory to take Death in a different format with very different rules and tactics.

There will be many options in Purgatory and this represents one of the variety of unit types that you will be able to field in our game.

We hope you have enjoyed this update.

Next up: Crossing the T’s and Dotting the I’s

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