Saturday, 20 August 2016

With 6 weeks to go, what have we learnt....

Welcome back to the BLOG!

Today we go all reflective as we look back over the last 18 months and see just how far the project has come, but most importantly what we have learnt and applied along the way. But before we do that, let's review the comings and goings of the last 2 weeks in Purgatory.
  • We hope that you've seen her, but if not, I am pleased to announce that Jess is complete. And in a first for Purgatory this lady comes with optional heads for her mallet.
  • The inbox has been burning bright, with the Apocalypse storming into our laps looking incredible. The concept for these guys really carried forward and if we get far enough, you guys are in for a real treat.
  • Literally just in, a version of one of our Devils has emerged!
  • The Kickstarter page is on the verge of completion, previews will be up soon.
The last 18 months has been a real rollercoaster of fun. Throughout the process we have met a great many people who have truly inspired the project but also given us some excellent feedback along the way. So what have we learnt?

Traditional vs. Digital - In one of the most difficult decisions, something we have been asked frequently has been about why we went the traditional route. Having just started speaking with a digital sculptor I can safely say that it was down to personal preference. There are supremely talented individuals proficient in both disciplines, but in truth, digital 'masters' are hard to come across in an era of tabletop and board games being exceptionally popular. I am very grateful to the sculptors we have worked with and feel slightly vindicated by the initial choice, if only because I have learnt so much from these people and actually become fast friends.

Something we picked up from Salute was that whilst people liked digital renders as a demonstration of what was to come, people had been 'caught out' in cases where the render was then produced to a low quality en masse. This echoed when people suggested it was refreshing that we as a company were showing people not only what we were doing, but that we were capable of producing high quality models. This was an important moment for us.

That said, we will work with a digital sculptor as our portfolio of characters has some that will truly benefit from this exacting method.

Expectation - It has been remarked of late that in some cases crowd funding can be used as a pre ordering system for well established companies and brands. I don't think this will lead to the market 'downing tools' so to speak but it is being noticed. When we spoke to a number of people in the early days the comment was very much "what do we get for free, like X or Y company offers?"

The answer to that was a hard one. As a small company, funded entirely by a trio of individuals, it was difficult to foresee how this would be possible, it was no small hurdle. However, what we have learnt at Purgatory is that 'free stuff' comes in various guises and at various levels. If you had asked me a year ago what we could give away for free, I am not sure I could have answered. However now, I can confirm that we can and will give things away, including models if we stretch to the appropriate levels. The kickstarter is quite strong and this has been tested against other projects as well as being discussed with a number of experienced backers. We believe there is real value in what we are offering.

Playtesting - I have said it many times. As a creative group, it can be soul destroying to take a broad sword to something you have spent months developing. However you become hardened to it and actually you benefit from it, though you often can only see that upon reflection. Play testing was a considerable amount of fun, watching characters you have created, come to life and do the things you wanted them to do is incredibly satisfying.

The main aim of the game was to apply a new spin on something familiar. No a single familiar thing but a collection of them. The difference, or USP so to speak was to apply something wholly and completely fun, something tongue in cheek and skirting on the boundaries of the mildly risqué. To hear comments like "I am not playing a game without those cards (Gods)" or "The core rules are tight" and "I can picture exactly how this character is supposed to play" are but some of the comments we have had. However in flip of that, complete sections have been removed, reviewed and changed on comments received during play testing. The end result being that the rules are even better and more complete than before.

Listening - Having great ideas, doesn't mean that everyone will or should like it. Listening to peoples feedback is fundamentally important and it is one of the single most things I would recommend to everyone. However you must ensure that you hear what is being said. That rules tweak, change to a pose, adjustment to a character or ability or even the size of the board, they all count and none should be dismissed.

Challenges - We have faced many challenges along the way, but none sterner than the issue of equality and perception. We have a diverse team within Purgatory and actually we had considered this from the very beginning. However 'Pin Ups' have been an area of attention for our project as people have posed questions on certain characters. I would say luckily, but actually, thankfully for us, we considered that whilst the market for pin up characters was prominent, we would not set our stall up around it entirely. By being able to demonstrate this, it has allowed us to mitigate attention with awareness of our range. However, the rise in open criticism on this topic is something the industry has experienced before but perhaps not on this scale.

Why are we telling you all of this?

We are on the cusp of something exciting, in less than 10 weeks we will know if Purgatory will be taking the next step, where you can enjoy games at your local gaming club and at home with friends and with family. A whole fresh wave of new models will be available to paint and play with to hone your skills with the blade.

Equally important however is to openly communicate with our followers. So that you have a true understanding of how we have progressed and the key areas that defined the approach of Purgatory, where learning is shared and improvements embraced at every turn.

Because of this, we are able to offer more models, more content, more opportunities for free items, improved sculpting, options on models, tighter rules and deeper backgrounds for you to fully immerse yourself in what we believe is a truly unique world, unlike anything else created by anyone else and we hope you agree.

Look out for the newsletter coming next week, which if you haven't already you can sign up to on our website. This last edition before Kickstarter launch will be a bumper issue and will include a list of the pledge levels and the some clues as to the stretch goals so that you can plan out exactly what you will be wanting to ensure you get hold of it.

Until then, we look forward to bringing fresh art and background information to you in the weeks leading up to launch!

All the very best.

Team Purgatory


Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Inbox madness

Welcome back to Purgatory!!

This week is brought exclusively to you, live from the Rockingham Arms in Elephant and Castle, London.

It's now officially 2 months to the day that we launch so what better time than to talk to you about what we are up to right now.

In the last 2 weeks we have kicked out all manner of information.  The painting team is furiously working on tweed madness and Jess is well and truly on her way. But it's the inbox that's red hot right now!

Arriving this week has been two of the four members of Apocalypse! We will talk more on these in a bit. Also arriving is the first true hybrid from the game in our Halloween special that features as one of the early stretch goals for the project and he is quite literally insane. 

Full colour artwork of Jack has been commissioned this week alongside the afore mentioned Halloween special. This is being done by Dario, the same artist that brought you Erishkigal and Moloch!

Apocalypse Now!

The four horseman are infamous in history. Whilst Conquest and Death are the two that are more commonly referred, Famine and Pestilence also feature as harbingers of doom. Initially this brought us a quandary, Death was already a character in our world so we had to think smart and quick. But don't worry, real life intervened and the answer was simple. Death got a better job and resigned her position. Let me tell you, finding a replacement was hard, the interviews were long and drawn out but eventually a candidate stood out and the position was filled... phew...

It would have been very easy to simply copy and paste the typical feel for these guys. You know the black stallion with flaming hooves and eyes, with a marauder like conan sitting on the back... but well, this is Purgatory and unless you didn't notice, things are a bit different around here ;)

The design phase for these guys was quite intense as we ultimately ended up with 4 characters that represent a modern slant with some comedy elements whilst retaining a sort of nastiness and viciousness that backs up their credentials. To explain this in more detail...

Conquest, who was one of those to arrive is sat on reclining sofa with a decent foot stall. This sofa is being carried by 4 slaves that are chained to the chair and forced to carry him around the battlefield. He looks bored, the fun in killing has gone with the dawn of new technology. The mace, well it's just too much work these days. So, instead he has a customised remote control that in a nutshell just zaps people into atoms. Though the war mace is readily available as the remote doesn't quite have the same effect in hand to hand. This guy isn't your beefcake uber warrior either. Mainly due to the fact that he is carried everywhere and doesn't swing the mace as much as he perhaps would have.

The character is designed to reflect the slob/lazy culture we have developed that is heavily dependant on technology. Purgatory is no different and in tradition we have challenged the preconceptions and added a modern spin. As we do.

Don't be fooled however. The image of this character as well as the others doesn't detract from their ability in game. These guys can only be fielded together and even then you can't field all 4, you get 3 in a standard point game. This allows players the option of playing larger scale games so that all 4 can be used at once.

Halloween Hybrids

We knew as soon as we had committed to dates that a Halloween special would be on the cards. Listening to you, our followers, we took into consideration the impact of a 'kickstarter exclusive' and the negativity this can generate. Not everyone that supports this game will have the ability to do so when we go live and they shouldn't be penalised as a result.

With this in mind we wanted to do something that was unique enough but not limited.

We eventually came up with the concept of a hybrid character for the two starting factions (Murder Inc and Soul Train) that would look and feel like a characterisation of the underpinning themes of both.

We've talked a number of times now about Host and Cohort synergy but this character because of his very nature is aligned to both. Our first true hybrid. In game this means that he can benefit from the angelic abilities of the respective Hosts of these two factions making him worth consideration.

All of his abilities are Halloween inspired to really make him stand out in the game too. And if we are honest, he's quite useful to say the very least.

The artwork will be making an appearance in the coming weeks.


As we started with, the project is on track. The rules are finished and now being adapted for the book. The background is now being included and imagery selected for this section of the book that comes in A5 format in the box level pledges.

If truth be told, worryingly everything is currently on track, without delay with the added bonus that we have managed to squeeze even more value into the box and the stretch goals themselves.

There's alot on offer from Purgatory so keep your eyes peeled and watch this space ;)

Thanks for stopping by and we look forward to bringing more exciting news to you over the coming weeks.

Join the War for Heaven!!

Team Purgatory