Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Inbox madness

Welcome back to Purgatory!!

This week is brought exclusively to you, live from the Rockingham Arms in Elephant and Castle, London.

It's now officially 2 months to the day that we launch so what better time than to talk to you about what we are up to right now.

In the last 2 weeks we have kicked out all manner of information.  The painting team is furiously working on tweed madness and Jess is well and truly on her way. But it's the inbox that's red hot right now!

Arriving this week has been two of the four members of Apocalypse! We will talk more on these in a bit. Also arriving is the first true hybrid from the game in our Halloween special that features as one of the early stretch goals for the project and he is quite literally insane. 

Full colour artwork of Jack has been commissioned this week alongside the afore mentioned Halloween special. This is being done by Dario, the same artist that brought you Erishkigal and Moloch!

Apocalypse Now!

The four horseman are infamous in history. Whilst Conquest and Death are the two that are more commonly referred, Famine and Pestilence also feature as harbingers of doom. Initially this brought us a quandary, Death was already a character in our world so we had to think smart and quick. But don't worry, real life intervened and the answer was simple. Death got a better job and resigned her position. Let me tell you, finding a replacement was hard, the interviews were long and drawn out but eventually a candidate stood out and the position was filled... phew...

It would have been very easy to simply copy and paste the typical feel for these guys. You know the black stallion with flaming hooves and eyes, with a marauder like conan sitting on the back... but well, this is Purgatory and unless you didn't notice, things are a bit different around here ;)

The design phase for these guys was quite intense as we ultimately ended up with 4 characters that represent a modern slant with some comedy elements whilst retaining a sort of nastiness and viciousness that backs up their credentials. To explain this in more detail...

Conquest, who was one of those to arrive is sat on reclining sofa with a decent foot stall. This sofa is being carried by 4 slaves that are chained to the chair and forced to carry him around the battlefield. He looks bored, the fun in killing has gone with the dawn of new technology. The mace, well it's just too much work these days. So, instead he has a customised remote control that in a nutshell just zaps people into atoms. Though the war mace is readily available as the remote doesn't quite have the same effect in hand to hand. This guy isn't your beefcake uber warrior either. Mainly due to the fact that he is carried everywhere and doesn't swing the mace as much as he perhaps would have.

The character is designed to reflect the slob/lazy culture we have developed that is heavily dependant on technology. Purgatory is no different and in tradition we have challenged the preconceptions and added a modern spin. As we do.

Don't be fooled however. The image of this character as well as the others doesn't detract from their ability in game. These guys can only be fielded together and even then you can't field all 4, you get 3 in a standard point game. This allows players the option of playing larger scale games so that all 4 can be used at once.

Halloween Hybrids

We knew as soon as we had committed to dates that a Halloween special would be on the cards. Listening to you, our followers, we took into consideration the impact of a 'kickstarter exclusive' and the negativity this can generate. Not everyone that supports this game will have the ability to do so when we go live and they shouldn't be penalised as a result.

With this in mind we wanted to do something that was unique enough but not limited.

We eventually came up with the concept of a hybrid character for the two starting factions (Murder Inc and Soul Train) that would look and feel like a characterisation of the underpinning themes of both.

We've talked a number of times now about Host and Cohort synergy but this character because of his very nature is aligned to both. Our first true hybrid. In game this means that he can benefit from the angelic abilities of the respective Hosts of these two factions making him worth consideration.

All of his abilities are Halloween inspired to really make him stand out in the game too. And if we are honest, he's quite useful to say the very least.

The artwork will be making an appearance in the coming weeks.


As we started with, the project is on track. The rules are finished and now being adapted for the book. The background is now being included and imagery selected for this section of the book that comes in A5 format in the box level pledges.

If truth be told, worryingly everything is currently on track, without delay with the added bonus that we have managed to squeeze even more value into the box and the stretch goals themselves.

There's alot on offer from Purgatory so keep your eyes peeled and watch this space ;)

Thanks for stopping by and we look forward to bringing more exciting news to you over the coming weeks.

Join the War for Heaven!!

Team Purgatory

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