Sunday, 10 July 2016

T minus 3 months til launch

Welcome back to the world of Purgatory. It's been a while, in fact over a month, for that we apologise, though hopefully the news that we have been hard at work with the kcikstarter will make up for the MIA.

So as per normal we bring you the what's new in the world of Purgatory:
  • Mike is complete. The really detailed model by Lux Thantor features a pocket comb, zips on sleeves and an untucked shirt but to name a few. You won't be able to get a copy of him though as he will feature as part of the Soul Train faction set.
  • Jess is up next and a date has been booked for work to begin on this great piece of art by Lorinda Tomko that was also recently put into a scene by Zinky White. Jess will be available as part of the Murder Inc faction box.
  • Moloch has a shape. Fancagne Didier has started to fill this beast out and good progress has been made, we can't wait to see the finished product.
  • Siren is quite literally winging her way here as we speak. This Angel is quite the spiteful one and you can grab your copy now from the pre order section on facebook and online.
  • Siren, Penemue and Harut are in the final stages of detailing, you will be able to read about them on the website very soon.
  • The game is being tested and the results are good so far, though there are some changes to be made, we are pleased with the general response to date. 
That brings us nicely onto the kickstarter itself.

A question we have been asking ourselves over and over again is "what makes a project worth backing?" It's a tough question and one that we have explored, taking into consideration from other people that have made their own projects successful, and even those that have not. We have also looked at other projects and looked at what really makes you guys 'tick'.

The answer is not as straight forward as I had thought. You expect quality to be high up there, along with value for money, as well as content and depth. But it's more complex than that, much more. In fact the community is almost split in two and i'm not talking painters and gamers. It's more profound than that.

The expectation of different people varies widely, some wanting a high quality set of rules that can be held in their hand. Some want high quality models but by the bucket load, with no intention of painting them. Others want a world to immerse themselves in, with rich story lines and characters you can almost drown in. Others want maximum value on return on investment and others want pure longevity.

It's the longevity that surprised me the most, but when I sat and thought about it, I understood completely. In a competitive market place, with projects springing up, left right and centre it is very easy to be distracted by the next cool thing. The bi-product of that however is that everyone does the same and few are focused on any game or system for long enough to establish a community and meet new friends (and adversaries). Purgatory is going to take on that challenge. Included within our project are the infant steps in trying to make not only a range of models come to life, supported by a rich and dynamic world, but also the creation of a community, one that can maybe see you talk tactics and tomfoolery over whether to take Heng-Lo or Keysa and the reasons why.

What we can tell you, as we trip past the 3 month warning point, is that we can't deliver is a perfection of everything. In fact, I would go as far as to say that even a group with serious funding, can't necessarily achieve all of that, because a great deal of it relies upon you.

However, Purgatory will deliver something fresh and it will draw upon each and every aspect of the above, taking the most significant and valuable elements to blend them together, pour them out and forge them on the anvil. And after much thought and deliberation the pledge levels are now in place, the models decided and the stretch goals cast in stone.

The printers are ready, the sculptors are salivating at making our designs come to life, the dice are ready to roll (haha) and the rules are in the home straight ready for you to make war in the name of the heavens.

Even more than that, if we get far enough, we have included a glimpse at phase 2.

So, watch this space over the coming months, as the blogs become more frequent, the newsletter becomes packed with information and the project goes live, we say this:

We are ready....

Are you?



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