Thursday, 16 July 2015

I and T's....

Morning All!!
So what is happening Purgatory this week I hear you cry (or whisper, you choose)? Well lets have the usual summary to kick things off! 

  • The packaging for Death has been finalised. Each model will come in a 2 part box and will contain a base, unique card art, contact card, playing card and the model itself. 20 lucky people will get a limited edition card which has a gold border. This will be inserted at random and offer a little quirk for the future.
  • The first casts are underway and we hope to be showcasing the model in the next week. After that Burtnernie from coolminiornot will be doing a step by step progress for us as he paints the model. Exciting times!
  • Super Stevie from the Soul Train is done and joins the rest of his crew.
  • The second model is scheduled for creation in September and ‘he’ (bit of a clue there) has been selected already as our next model.
  • Our next faction, Refugees of Religion are in the works and we are breathing life in to the characters
As I am sure you can see, we are progressing quite nicely. As we explained in the last BLOG we are in the period now of ‘crossing the T’s and dotting the I’s’ so it is just a waiting game whilst our items are created and shipped to us, ready for you to get to grips with.

For readers of the BLOG we thought you might like to know that we will be doing a painting competition for Death. It’s quite straight forward, the best painted model will receive a free, yes free version of the next model released. Who doesn’t love free stuff huh?

With a clear scene or setting for the foundation of what we are bringing to you, the story has a strong spine to it already. Having also now introduced you to some of the main players our time is now focused on creating the factions that life within the world.

One of the things we want to do is make this game as flexible as it can be. Whilst factions will have ties to a specific angel or renegade, they are not going to be truly limited to them. Having been a gamer and a painter for over 20 years now I have often found it frustrating when I’ve seen a fantastic model which is only available in a boxed set. Furthermore, I have sat with envy many a time across the table as a model with a particular skill has danced its way around my force.

Purgatory offers something different. Whilst there are factions and that they are linked to a specific person, the only thing tying them to that person will be a ‘buff’. This means that if you really want to you can have half of the Soul Train, mixed with half of the Refugees of Religion. The options are designed to give you the ability to make your very own faction from a combination of all of the humans that we will be offering.

So if you want ‘Jazz’ with his flaming saxophone, ‘Faith’ with her riot shield and ‘Stevie’ with his machine gun piano (yep, you heard that right) because they are cool looking models then you can.

The important part of all of this is balancing and by creating a range of models that have different skills or looks, we are aiming to bring a flexible approach to roster creation that gives you the power to field exactly what you want. OK, we don’t want you fielding 10 angels in a standard game, that would be beardy, so we will ensure the unit choices and points cost balance to allow unique situations, games, events or scenarios to take place.

What is the scale exactly? Well each faction will have at least 9 models to choose from. An Apostle, a Prophet, some humans and a familiar/beast. So if you look back at our BLOG on “Who’s who” then you will see that our plan is to have this number of models, to accompany each angel. In simple terms that is 63 human models at the very least. It’s a high aspiration but it is important to us that we communicate our ideas. By doing this it is our hope that we are giving you the confidence that this is going to have some substance.

It does however start with Death (Eve). The level of success we achieve with this little old lady will set the tone for how quickly we can progress and bring more models to the table (pardon the pun). If we are successful with the initial characters we are planning a kickstarter that will bring a greater number of models to bear alongside a robust set of rules for you to make war in Purgatory.

Next up: Who are the Soul Train…

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