Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Sugar, Spice and all things Nice!

Welcome back to the Purgatory BLOG. Thanks for stopping by,

There are a number of things drawing every closer at the moment, one of which is my impending wedding. Eeek. If you think that setting a small business up is tough, try arranging a big day. Boy oh boy does that take some patience :)

Despite the lull that we have spoken of in the last few messages some important things have occurred or are occurring in the next few days. Here's what:

  • We have been confirmed for Salute Expo in London for 2016! This is great news and it will be our first opportunity to showcase the models on the big stage. If you don't know what Salute is head over and check it out over here: - we really hope that we will see you there.
  • The website is in the final stages of being completed and we have seen the content first hand. The kind sir that is creating the website for us will be visiting on the 7th of August and we hope to be going live at this point!
  • Boxes, cards and artwork etc. is scheduled to arrive this Friday. Hopefully my future wife will allow me some meagre space to store all of this but nonetheless we will be getting boxes ready to ship the models.
  • on the subject of models, the first few will be arriving imminently so that we can post some pictures and set about getting some painted versions up for you to have a look at
  • The model is scheduled to be available for sale on or around the 10th August
  • The sculptor of Death has been primed and the second model has been planned in

As you can see, quite a lot is occurring right now and we are approaching the final stages of getting our project off the ground.

Last week I mentioned the Soul Train, talked very briefly about their origins and what they are about. I suppose it's at this point that I should point out that a lot of the information we are putting out in this BLOG is very early design or concept stuff. Some but not all of it, is still in the works as we tweak things.

For example, if we give a character 'x' stats or 'y' weapon and that shows to be overpowered in testing, we might very well need to change it. Hopefully you guys in the community can relate to that and understand this caveat all too well.

So who is in the Soul Train, well we won't tell you the names yet but here is a quick one liner on the characters:

Super Singer - This chap is the factions Apostle, the highest ranking individual. He carries a whip and a mace in the form of a spiked rose.
Piano Man - This guy is blind and controls a grand piano that has an in-built turret system which can mow down 10 revellers per second with ease. Piano Man is the factions Prophet.
Guns - This girl is super fast on her roller skates and a dead shot with Ebony and Ivory
Vinyl - Vinyl records with razor sharp metal lacing the edges being thrown at you by the dozen. Watch out!
Sax - This guy will set fire into your heart with a tune that is raging hot!
Mic - Ever seen a recently dumped boyfriend go to town on someone with a mic stand...?
Keys - This master of music will have you dancing to her tune in now time. Resistance is futile
Beats - Those ghettoblasters from the 80's were pretty heavy, ever get hit by one at top speed? Yeah, ouch.
Cats - Too cool for school, these critters will maul you with tooth and claw.

More will come out on each of these characters as the weeks go by. The art work for these guys is finished and they will be coming out in the next few weeks as we showcase our very first faction.

Tonight we will be playing with some of the game mechanics. We don't want to talk too much about the specific individual details because there is every chance that these will change, but what we can tell you is that we are trying to bring a fun aspect to it.

The design process has taken into consideration how people perceive angels. How they have been represented in films, their actions, there characteristics and most importantly their abilities. By looking at all of these it has given us a base for some interesting mechanics that I have certainly not seen before. It adds a different dimension to what we are looking to achieve and hopefully will give players a chance to add a 'pip' of strategy to their game play. It is certainly a move away from the meet in the middle and bash approach.

As with other games it is very hard to be completely unique. There are so many systems out their at the moment that you can never be entirely sure. However we hope by applying our spin to the norm approach that we are in the process of bringing something that is unique overall.

Adding a unique game play to a short duration card game, alongside a interchangeable character and weapon system should hopefully peak some interest in enough people to make this project a success.

In the coming weeks, the BLOG will switch between a painting log of Death and greater detail on the mechanics of the game.

In an unusual twist I won't be saying now what is next week as a lot can change right now but be rest assured as the weeks go by a lot will start to solidify and take shape and we will be looking for people to assist us with alpha testing once the rules are complete and the mechanics honed.

If you like these or have any comments, questions or suggestions. Please let us know, it's great to hear from people enthused by this project.

All the very best for now.

Team Purgatory

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