Sunday, 9 August 2015

Slowly Slowly Catchy Monkey...

Evening folks!

Welcome back to Purgatory!

It's been a tough week. Off project the wedding is rattling along like a mine cart with square wheels, ok so it's not that bad but there seems to be so much to do. My partner and I put an offer in for a house, I wasn't aware we were actually looking but hey, that's life. The good news was it was accepted.

In and amongst this a WHOLE HEAP of stuff happened in Purgatory. Let's look back at what:
  • happened for a start! Super thanks to Mr. Hoang for creating the site on our behalf. We think it looks great and we are pleased to have it out there. It has some bits to be added but in the main it's all good.
  • Some models arrived, along with some boxes, some cards and some inserts. Wooo.... now that is quite a big thing. The main stock (after being delayed) will arrive in the coming days and we will start selling the model. Pre Orders go out first and foremost. The whole set looks great!
  • Moloch's faction are tied down. The characters are fleshed out and we are super hyped by these guys!
  • Ania gave us a fantastic image that we will be bringing to you soon as well
  • Salute. We will see you at Salute 2016. We have been accepted for a table and we are super hyped!

So much has happened. It's been a blur, truly but as we take a step closer to the end game we will soon be able to reflect and understand how well this all went.


We have had some really positive feedback. Thank you. It has been suggested that our model is completely unique and that the presentation and items included in the box of a good quality! That is really great to hear. When you get a mad idea in your head and 'x' months later it appears in reality, the only thing kinda keeping you going is the little devil guy on your shoulder going "this is going to be like, totally rad dude".... so to hear positive things really helps to reinforce our madness.


We had some. w00t! We are seriously humbled by the feedback we are getting. Thank you. I would be remiss not to point you to our 'shop' on the website where you can enquire about purchasing the model. Sales will go ahead as soon as the stock arrives and we can't wait to start shipping this lot!

Soooo now what!??!

St. Peter! Yep, head over to the website, check out the website where you will see yet more (like, yep, more) amazing artwork by Lorinda Tomko for St. Peter. He looks hench and I tell you what, I've been clubbing and if some crazy assed old dude with sandals, wings, white beard, halo and a baseball bat comes after me, I'm like "nope, I'm leaving already".

That's right, our second model will begin the creation process in the next 1-2 weeks and we really hope you guys will like him.

Long Term Goals

When I started this, I never knew my feeble brain had the capacity to actually get this far. When you dream something up (usually just as you drift off to sleep, mind screaming... "nooooooo" because it's so cool but you will have forgotten by the morning) you either dismiss it immediately, or talk yourself into thinking it can't/won't happen.

So when we set this up and Aidan came on board, being quite business like we very much set some limitations. Being 'normal' (to define normal, we pay bills, taxes, have weight issues and have a day job to afford the aforementioned) we knew this is something we could not fund indefinitely. The success of Eve (Death) and St Peter will determine our longevity in this project. The goal quite simply being, sales from Eve and Pete will fund number 3 (yes we have chosen which, but that's a secret right now *wink*). If we can get to Christmas with 3 models and 4 by Salute at least then absolutely yes, we will be going to a kickstarter near you!

Where are you right now. I mean, like right now?

Fair question. This is where we are at:

  • 14 Angels/Fallen Angels designed with concepts finalised. 6 Have been sketched out or have colour art.
  • 3 Factions completely designed with concepts finalised (each faction has an Apostle, prophet, Minions and 6 other characters) One of which is fully sketched out (soul train).
  • Card game is in early development
  • Rules are in the making, alpha testing scheduled for early December
  • First model is available for pre order
  • Second model will commence in 2 weeks
  • Salute table is booked
  • Kickstarter date is pencilled in
A firm plan is in place, even now, with no idea as to the potential success of Death, you can see that we are well in advanced stages of following the actions through. The reason for this being is that if we stop and stand still it delays the process, if we don't bring enough to the table, you will wonder how rich the world is and how much depth there truly is.

So that's the update. The project is on track and our first model (who by the way will be kick ass in the game - Just saying) is ready to go. Join us and be a part of this project, support us if you can by picking up the Old Dame, painting her in rich and vibrant colours and show the world your craft!

For now we bid you good night and look forward to bringing you more updates along the way...

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