Thursday, 13 August 2015

Two multiplied by 10 plus 1 - Death Done!

Today’s post is full of joy, when we posted last week we talked about where we were, the exciting things that had occurred and what might be next for everyone at Purgatory. Well, the boxes arriving, the website going live, a few pre orders trickling in all contributed towards what happened yesterday.

Yesterday, the stock arrived. And a few words spring to mind. Success. Culmination. Fruition. Finishing Line.

It was great to receive some of the stock yesterday, that we had the boxes ready with all of the inserts was great news but to then have the models arrive and be individually boxed was great because it represented a successful conclusion to that particular stage of the project. In fact, it was the completion of the first stage, which let’s face it offers the greatest potential for pitfall. 

So how does it feel?

Brilliant. This project is being run by two people. One of which is a hobby enthusiast of old, you know, the good old times when models were lead. Having won a silver demon, achieved a few finalists at Games Days and Salute 2015, as well as being an avid gamer back in the day at good old GW (First Winner of the Kill Team event) this represented a new milestone in my hobby. To have thought, designed, created, produced and sold a model from end to finish is a fantastic feeling. My partner who is not from the world we all live in and ‘love’ has similar sense of achievement, that we have been able to bring this project to life has galvanised us and well we just want to bring more out!

Any Highlights?

Yes. Seeing thoughts come alive on paper is phenomenal. Watching the barest concept transform over a series of updates is inspiring to say the least. That a whole world or domain can come to life from the fragments of an imagination is quite awe inspiring. I realise I sound a bit grandiose however it’s really how we feel. We had favourite concepts and ideas and to see them walk onto a page is well, just brilliant.

I would be remiss not mention the sculpting process. Watching the character walk off the page, onto an armature and grow is great fun. It helped that the sculptor made it a straight forward process.

Working with friends is great. You can be creative without limitation. Doing something with a close friend has its risks however much with anything if you go about something in the right way, in an open and transparent approach then the process is twice the fun. The laughter generated by creating unique, weird and wonderful characters has been great. It has been tempered with hard work, commitment and no small amount of Madras curry to ease the process. But the balance has been right and we attribute this to our success.

Any Lows?

Yes of course but nothing like I had expected. When you go into something like this you will wander past some naysayers. A piece of advice I’d give is don’t ignore them. Listen actually but most importantly make your own mind up. Everyone in life has a different level of tolerance when it comes to risk, you will find yours along the way, so embrace the idea you have and give it the attention your risk level will allow. You never know, you might end up with something quite special. We think we have.

Delays is the big thing, we are slightly old school in our approach and well, we feel it is important to achieve what we say, when we say it. Shifting dates around can often send out the wrong message. Fortunately for us, this has not happened a great deal and whilst this was a small low, it is something learnt from and in the grand scheme of things is greatly outweighed by the positives.

So what happens next?

The model is on sale. You can but the model by emailing us at pending some sales, we will be asking the sculptor to create St Peter so look out for artwork on him in the coming days. We will also be showcasing our first faction in the coming weeks so that you can see a bit more on the expanded part of the world.
Now we work hard to continue the good work and keep you guys up to date with what is going on. Bringing new art, characters and scenes to life so that we can realise our vision of bringing Purgatory to life.

One other thing that we are going to do is a painting competition. As big advocates of the painting and gaming community we will be running painting competition for each model that we release. Each time we do, we will pick our favourite models from the submissions and those winners will receive a free copy of the next model. Its that simple. You support us and we will reward you. Furthermore, we will be showcasing the painted models on our website for you to show off to the world. How’s about that?

Look out for this, it will be coming out in the next week or so, so grab a copy and get planning.
Until next time, we will bid you farewell. It would have been remiss not to put a phase one post completion take on things, so hopefully having read about the journey you have enjoyed this read and will follow our steps as we march forward.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and see you on the flip side.


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