Wednesday, 26 August 2015

..... and on the roll of 2D6 it was Easter Monday! Huh, What?!!?

Hello everyone!

Welcome back to Purgatory! We hope you are well and that you have been following our exploits of late on our various pages? It’s been quite busy but we are not stopping there. Oh No. So “did I miss anything?” I hear you ask, let’s run through what has occurred: 

  • Website went live! We like it, we hope you do too. Please, please give us some thoughts on the site, is there anything missing?
  • 15 sold and counting! Not bad for week one. Death has started to hit the shelves and the response has been pleasing
  • St Peter is being sculpted. Yep, the brief for St Pete is complete and we are ramping up the second model
  • Painting Competition. It’s really worthwhile grabbing the model, at a reduced rate, painting her and entering our comp. you can win a free St Peter and discount from WAMP!
  • Newsletter. Some of you may have seen the newsletter. If you haven’t head to and sign up for news and updates
And breathe. In truth progress is coming along nicely. We have had some great articles done by Beasts of War, Table Top Gaming News, WAMP and more. That people are beginning to hear about us is great news and we hope that this positive upturn in followers, likes and subscriptions will lead to bigger and better things.

In the coming weeks we encounter a holiday. One of us gets married and has a 3 week honeymoon. But updates will continue and soon, certain snippets of information will only be made available via these mediums so be sure to sign up and find out everything we are up to!

At the moment we are heading into the dark realms of game design, with Death on the shelf and stock available to go to anyone who wants her and with Peter heading to the forge, we now switch our attentions to game mechanics and testing to see just how the game plays out.

Something that is quite key to the process for us, specifically in our world, is that we are able to create a balance. Not only between angels, but also for the main component of the game, which is the human element. Humans in Purgatory are Grots, well to pretty much anything else. And we all know just how rubbish a grot is, though if you have 100 of them, then things just got that bit more serious. Alas however with angels being the paragon of power, skill and general all round awesomeness it is key that a human can inflict damage to any of the angels. We don’t want angels running around killing everyone and then having a giant death match at the end.

That is why the mechanics are important but also the objectives that we design. In purgatory, cats get skinned in a multitude of ways, so the I’ve got the biggest monster, smash, will only carry you so far. In fact, probably not very far at all. Furthermore there will be random events that may very well determine what happens in that battle. For example:

Being from a holy set of text, we figured why not add some variables. In the scenario we now list we figured it would be great to mix up the set up phase. In the example used we are playing ‘general assassination’ where each players primary goal is to take out the angel at all costs, but just not your own angel.

So we come to the day. A D8 is rolled. 1 = Monday, 2 = Tuesday, etc with 7 being a Sunday. Different days have different buffs. However if an 8 is rolled you grab 2d6 and consult the chart. In the example we are going to ‘selectively roll’ say a 7, the chart says it is “Easter Monday – The first model on each side to die, will rise from the dead automatically from the place that it died”. So therefore, pouring all of your attacks into the angel turn 1 may not be a very wise move. It adds a unique dynamic to the game which can change natural or tactical behaviours towards models or characters which we hope you will like.

Anyway, we need to leave something for you testers so we won’t say much more. But hopefully you can see from the little bit above that thinking outside the box (grrr corporate speech) is something that we are striving for. Bringing a freshness to table top gaming is one of our key objectives.

On that note, we will leave you and hope this triggers some enthusiasm or even some curiosity in what we are designing.

If you have any questions then please, please get in touch, say “Hi” and let us know what you are thinking.

All the very best

Team Purgatory

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