Thursday, 3 September 2015

That MF is Crazy!!!

Welcome back to Purgatory!

This week in our BLOG we talk about some rules, making something different and the challenges of making something innovative. So what has occurred?
  • Purgatory reached its 20th Sale of Death in the first 2 weeks!
  • Murder Inc. (that’s what we are calling them right now) is on the drawing table. This is our 3rd faction of the initial 4 starter factions
  • The painting competition is in full flow. We visited WAMP at their painting day on the 29th August and gave away some goodies to the participants. Free Deaths all round!
  • WAMP is now selling Purgatory models!
  • St Peter is on the block
  • Our first alpha test took place with Stevie facing off against Barry!
  • The first Purgatory News went out

I think it is important to quickly point out that I get married in 2 days. ‘Eeek’ and I go away for 3 whole weeks touring the states! Fun times ahead. Don’t panic however, the company is in good hands as my partner will have the reigns. It might be however that the BLOG is not as frequent as it has been of late. Don’t fear, it’s just holiday time at Purgatory.

It’s been a whirlwind few weeks since Death went on sale. It was received really well and we are on course for our initial sales projection. It’s great that so many people have supported our work and its only going to get better. As you will see from the bullet points above, St Peter is in the making and the sculptor started a few days ago on our next model. We are aiming to have the model available for purchase in the first 2 weeks of October. As a treat to newsletter subscribers you will get a first glimpse of this....
The website is up and we have received some nice comments. As time goes on a shop will appear on the site so that you can purchase the model through a shopping cart facility. Holidays and weddings have prevented this being in place now as our website developer is on his honeymoon right now!

With the characters decided for the first 4 angels alongside the factions that will be available we have instructed the artists to proceed and crack on. Now however we have firmly switched our attention to the game of Purgatory that will be released alongside our range of models.

Alpha testing is fun but not for the feint hearted.

When Barry charged Stevie, we expected more damage, however what with Stevie invoking “The power of sight compels me”, Barry was not so confident after all. It literally went like that.

Rules are rules, a lot of them need to be the same or similar to other mechanics out there. They are present in the market place for a reason, that reason predominately being because they work well already and people have responded well to them. So what is the concern you ask?

Purgatory have some great ideas, we have some unique scenarios that see friend and foe ally for a common cause. We have unique mechanics for determining the game type and an approach to our roster that allows a multitude of opportunities to be considered or applied. Couple that with the card element that will follow and we have some great stuff. However….

Currently we are looking at something quite dramatic. Something that sits alongside the typical ‘weapon skill’, ‘intellect’ and ‘magic/mana’ stats that are the staple of what we enjoy playing and here in lies the challenge, though we feel we may have cracked it.

On my return form holiday we will be ramping up the gaming aspect of Purgatory and we will be releasing very early alpha testing to try and see how well our mechanics work. If this is something that interests you, sign up to the newsletter on the Purgatory website where we will be publishing details on how you can get involved. It will be limited in numbers and we will require feedback from you alongside an NCR disclaimer.

There’s more…

We want Purgatory to be for ADULTS.

Purgatory will have an adult theme, one of murder, lust, swearing and fun. It will be dark, moody and a little edgy so that in our dark little caves we can chuckle at an inappropriate event of series of circumstances. It sounds a bit sinister, but it’s not. Instead it’s exactly what we think when a beardy so and so on the other side of the table unleashes the combination of destiny on your hapless models.

Some of the mechanisms within the game will have a light hearted feel. I’ll leave on an example…

Whereas in other games you might be considered ‘stubborn’ or ‘fearless’ by passing a break test in the face or horror, terror or fear. In Purgatory quite simply, “That, Mofo is Crazy”….

Enjoy and see you on the flip side.


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