Thursday, 8 October 2015

Rules are there to be Broken and Welcome Back!

Welcome back!
It’s been a long time. Don’t worry, we haven’t deserted you, we are still here. In fact if you follow the Facebook page you will see that A LOT has happened in the last few weeks. However, the main reason for being absent from these hallowed halls is that one of us got married and went away. How dare we? I hear you cry…

“Well now were back, from out of space, don’t turn around now….” Err hang on, ‘stay on target’… We are indeed back and we have a lot to tell you about! So what has happened in Purgatory: 

  • Saint Peter is in the final stages and will be available by the second week of November! Exciting times!
  • We have had 2 articles on they are well worth a read
  • The third and fourth model are scheduled, yep, third and fourth. Keys and Barry will be following St Peter and joining us is Fancagne Didier who will be sculpting Keys for us!
  • We are also in talks to bring a limited edition ‘event only’ model along to salute
  • Murder Inc, the 3rd faction is complete from a rules perspective and is ½ complete in the art department
  • 20 characters have rules and abilities as we prepare to Alpha test!
As you can see from the above, we are motoring along quite nicely. In fact, we are really quite pleased that we are making strides forward in games terms as well as in our range.


We are working so very hard to do as much as we can. What is important is not to lose sight of the
fact that we are a fledgling company who are self-funding the entire project. We also have day jobs which are pesky and interfere with our ability to do more. (we love our jobs really) The core focus of the two of us is to bring something of substance into existence at the earliest possible time. This will mean a number of things, firstly, that we might not be as polished in our appearance as others. (for example, our website was done for free by a friend) However, it’s worth letting you guys know exactly what we are doing right now so that you know and understand what’s coming soon:

  • Revised website. We have taken on board comments of many people. It is hard to please all. However some truly valid points have been put across and primary amongst them is functionality. We are currently exploring the possibility of switching to a ‘wordpress’ or ‘opencart’ where there is shop function that supports what we are doing.
  • Factions specific rules. With Murder Inc. and Soul Train now having basic abilities assigned, we are now switching our attention to ‘refugees’ and an as yet unnamed faction that work directly for Harut (more on this below)
  • Salute stand, the design of this has started to come together as we bring together art to show case
  • Models, with Peter almost ready, Keys and Barry will be in the making to be ready for Salute. This will mean we have 4 or 5 models available for Salute to showcase and demonstrate
  • Rulebook – core rules to play Purgatory are firmly in the making (more below)
  • Artwork – full colour art and line art is being devised so that each faction has a visual identity
Rules are there to be Broken:

We have over 20 characters which now have starting abilities. By this, they have names and rules by which we propose they will be used in game. We have deliberately approached this in such a way that we are creating the characters first. Once we have a character and an identity we are looking at what words, moves or historical events you can associate to that individual. As an example, our take on Jack the Ripper has a move called “Whitechappel Whirl”.

By approaching it in this way we are aiming to prevent ourselves from limiting the scope of the game. If we set the rules first all we will do is shoe horn characters or rules into a pre determined list and therefore limit the potential for fresh and innovative ideas.

The rules are fun. Each person we have shown written notes, scribbles or typed up versions has at some point chuckled, either at the name or at the ability itself. It has caused mirth and banter and actually people have wanted to perform certain moves just for the sheer audacity of it. It’s what we are aiming for.

We suppose the next sentence will get gears and cogs whirring in the minds of any gamers that follow this BLOG. Our game is based on a D6 system.

 ………. Let that sink in for a moment………

Ok, are you ready?

Here’s why……

Our game is designed to be fun. It will hopefully challenge the tried and tested to add some more flavour. But it should also be simple, easy to pick up and effective. Painters want to paint, they want to pick a model up with a good cast, clean (briefly) prime and be underway. Gamers want to read and understand swiftly, or learn on the job. It has to be simple, it has to be fun, otherwise we will have failed. That is why it will be D6 based with a flavour of other bits along the way, cards, D8, direction etc.

In the current market place everyone is trying to out-do everyone else, coming up with innovative rules is difficult and requires a great deal of testing. It also means there is a high likelihood of things falling down the back of the sofa and overpowered individuals, gangs or armies coming to the fore. This requires correction, new versions and regular updates. This can be off putting.

Instead, it’s the fun interactive aspect or essence that we are trying to distil. Let’s give you a game which you can pick up, understand and play quickly and have a bucket tonne of laughs along the way as you declare that you are going to get Moloch to throw your model across the board, or better still into a building. Splat. Take that.

So yes, we have placed our token on the roulette table on number ‘6’, though we won’t lie, there are other side bets kicking around the table which will add to the flavour.

Thanks for reading and thanks for supporting Purgatory.

Team Purgatory

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