Monday, 23 November 2015

Fresher than Daisies

Welcome back to Purgatory!
Again, it’s all go at  Purgatory at the moment as we work super hard to deliver a number of items for the project, let’s break these down for you:
  • Murder Inc is done. The characters have basic ‘alpha’ rules ready for testing alongside stat lines
  • Refugees of Religion are in progress. Gought and Choirboy are on the drawing desk as we speak. Abilities are ready for these guys alongside stat lines.
  • St Peter arrived and has been packed up and shipped out! This guy is a fantastic sculpt done by Lux Thantor and looks great fun to paint
  • The core rule set is in first draft: (the following are all drafted and typed)
    • Contingency creation
    • Tomes (picking your Contingent)
    • Scenarios
    • Scenery
    • Board
    • Gift of the Gods

  • Salute banners have arrived as we look to the expo next year and art for the limited edition model is in progress!
  • Keysha is being sculpted by the talented Fancagne Didier, we have seen the first WIP! Exciting!
  • The 4th model in the range is ready and prepped ready to go. The sooner you buy the models, the quicker he’ll be out! Lol
Often when you sit back you look at things, how did it go? Could that have been better? What could you change?

To refer back to the sculpting article that we done early in our project, now that we have St Peter we can really talk about the process having now been through it twice. This time around our focus was tighter and we had a great deal more understanding of the sculptor’s needs, what could be considered and what would make it difficult. It allowed us to pay a lot of attention to the detail in particular, adding those little items that would really stand the model out and make it fun to paint.
There are loads of little details on Peter ranging from cufflinks so sandals, ID badge on the arm to the spikes on the bat, toe nails to keys on the wings it’s all there and this was born from a better understanding of what we wanted from the sculptor.
It helps that we have a great relationship with the sculptor as well, he is exceptionally understanding and as each fresh model comes off the slab so to speak there is a greater awareness of what each other is trying to achieve and this certainly happened.
And yes, we will be going back for more and he knows this.
Well that gives you a little update on where we are, I’m now off to finish some more rules ready for testing, time for movement, shooting and casting to be fleshed J


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