Saturday, 6 June 2015

What a week...

Hello again!!

The title says it all, what. a. week.

The wheels of industry have been turning here at Purgatory and let me tell you, things are hotting up! In the last few days alone, the following has landed in our inbox:

  • Moloch Art. This guy is quite literally a beast and Dario is doing a fantastic job!
  • Posters! A few of you have asked if we do posters. Well we didn't, but we now do. These will appear on our page in the coming days and you can buy these in the coming days, exciting!
  • Death. We have been posting bits of our Old Dame these last few days and wow wow wow, the green is at the mid way point and we are super hyped!
  • The Soul Train has departed and is en route to Platform 9!
  • Domains have been secured and the website is now under way...
Phew.... We didn't even come here tonight to tell you this but well, we just had to tell you.

So, onto what we promised. Siren

Siren was our first model design and feedback has really be interesting on this model.

The idea behind Siren was to add a bit of naughtiness to some of our Angels. You may or may not know or heard of the Succubus, well, in short, these are She Demons that are your every day hell spawned seductress.

Angels have this sense of purity and from religious texts, they a pious, infallible, pure and kind of heart. We didn't want that.

So what we done instead was add some naughtiness and combined elements of Angels and Succubus to create Siren.

In historical texts, you read of brave heroes, who after a great victory or battle, walk away from the hearth fire and are never seen again. Some sleep walk and fall to their doom or walk straight into the enemy camp and are slaughtered. The siren call, or a mans wyrd it has often been known as.

All, if not a great deal of these were the work of Siren, who fixated and filled with desire for Man, Siren ensnares these great warriors and champions and eternally tethers them to her realm, where they will fight each other endlessly for her adoration and love as Siren gazes across in rapture.

Siren is not all that bad, just a bit naughty and though God get's a mite frustrated by her actions, he tolerates this transgression, though only just. For Siren has many uses and God will oft call upon Siren to manipulate mankind and foe alike for the greater good of the realm.

What with it being such a long week, the night is drawing to  close and with that I will bid you all a good weekend.

Next up. Staring in the faces of Death!

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