Monday, 15 June 2015

Do you know when to bluff? Well... do ya....

Hello again and welcome to the latest BLOG update.

With each week comes new and fresh challenges, but it’s great and we love it! “So what’s new then?” I hear you ask…

Firstly it would be remiss not to offer a congratulations to Greg Howe and Steven Hutchinson who both won posters as part our first ever competition. You may have seen on our page, pictures of these in the packaging ready to be shipped. It was great that a number of people took part in this and submitted a response and we are glad to give these to worthy winners. One of which is all the way across the world in Australia!

So this week in Purgatory: 

  • The green for the Old Dame – Death is in the final stages, with the last details being put together by our talented sculptor on the scissors!
  • We have agreed a couple of deals in the past few days that will see Purgatory models available from UK and US retailers, please watch this space for more information!
  • Moloch is looking super scary and the third member of Soul Train skated his into our inbox just yesterday
  • The first images for our website have been uploaded and character bio’s are in development, we hope that we will be going live in the next few weeks
  • Our first card art has arrived from the super talented Sarana and well we are over the moon!
Leaving the updates above on the card art, almost allows us to follow into this week’s topic: Cards.

Purgatory Miniatures is going to be a table top skirmish based game, that has a progressive element to it so that your gaming experience will grow alongside that of the characters you play with. It has always been our ambition to offer something different, that is where the cards come into play.

In the Short Term, each model that we produce will be accompanied by a playing card. Each will be a unique commissioned piece of art that will be in the image of the model. The cards will initially have 2 faces, with each side having a different background. The cards are being included as a fun, yet quick, side game for people to play.

A Side Game? Yes, as being a founding member of a local gaming club and having been to a number of competitions before, there can be a lot of standing time. That bit between waiting for a table or waiting for your opponents to finish as you casually watch on. The idea of the card game is so that you can play a game of cards whilst you wait or just for fun, without having to invest in yet another system. It helps to bide the time whilst having short, sharp fun!

How does it work? It’s a spin-off of a popular card game that uses a board. Each card has a number on each edge which is used in the game to flip your opponents card, or be flipped in turn. The game system will have a number of variations on the rules to make it simple or complicated. The best thing is that you can play your friends for cards and collect the ones you don’t have!

Each model will have its own card but as time passes, generic card sets will be introduced to expand upon the game. It’s really simple and quite exciting and more detailed information will be released in the coming weeks as we continue to play test the rules.

In the Long Term we are aiming to integrate equipment cards into the gaming system. This will see each model have a card that corresponds to their weapon, equipment or abilities. The aim is to then release alternative variations on these cards to help keep the game fresh and increase the number of options available to you whilst playing our game.

As you can see, we are working very hard to explore different ways of bringing an interactive, progressive and inclusive table top gaming experience to you, alongside high quality models with a quirky side, supported by detailed backgrounds and underpinned by a unique background world. So when we say we are having great fun in bringing these to you, we truly mean it as it allows us to have be creative and have a lot of fun to achieve our goals!

Well, we will leave you there. Next time we will have a little further look at the Bio for Death and learn a bit more about who the lady behind the mask.

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