Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Death comes to all of us.... eventually....

Welcome back to the latest BLOG from Purgatory.

We hope you are all find and dandy and preparing for the spectacular British summer ahead. So what’s new?

  • A new artist has joined our team with a specific purpose of looking at card art. It’s early stages but the results are looking very good.
  • Our poster competition is up and running, don’t forget to submit your answer by Sunday!
  • We had our first glimpse of the website yesterday and we are quite excited!

Death: “The act or fact of dying or being killed; the end of the life of a person or organism”

We keep talking about this character and you have likely seen from the art we have released and from the chatter on these halls, that Death is our first model that we will be releasing for you to buy. 

Who is Death? We all have our pre conceived ideas of what Death might look like, quite often it is a skull, with a black cloak and a huge scythe which can often be combined with an hourglass. The scythe to demonstrate a harvesting of the soul and the hourglass to suggest that your time is up.

Hang on a minute, isn’t your Death a little old lady?  Yep, well spotted. She is indeed. The design process for Purgatory is to try and break down cliché barriers and emerge from the other side. When we think about a new character, we look at how they can be different. What spin can we apply to readjust the thinking to make something quite unique. We hope we have done that by applying a different approach. In some cultures, there is reference to the ‘cutting’ of ones ‘thread’. The scissors are symbolic of this different approach.

So the Old Dame is Death! Yes…. And no… muhahhaha (evil laugh)! Whilst we have a different spin for Death how on earth could we truly deny you, the gaming and painting public an opportunity to get to grips with a big ol’ monster. When we designed death, the lady with scissors was a secondary phase. Initially we thought it would be fun to have the big scary monster but that it was puppeteer’d by the oldest granny on the earth. Boom.

So is there more than one Death?!  Yes, in fact there are 3 versions. We wanted to bring you guys a big monster. But again, not wanting to conform to cliché we have made our version into a construct. To us this felt like a great way of demonstrating something was controlled by someone else whilst offering a different view. We have also retired the age old trusty skull mask, in favour of a number of masks so to represent the different cultures!

Why would Death be a puppeteer inside the construct, it’s the modern day? Good point, let’s just say that Death has the option of being a radio controlled car (of sorts) and leave it there for you to ponder…. J

Something else that occurred to us is that we could give you guys some options in game. Rather than have just the typical monster running a-mock, we have instead come up with 3 ways in which you can use Death in game, all of which are uniquely different in the way they work, which gives variety to players in certain scenarios and games.

All in all, Death is coming! First off, she will look like a wee lady in her tweed but don’t underestimate her, she packs a mighty punch!

Our Death is over 50% complete and we are hyped at the progress of our super talented sculptor. In the coming days and weeks we will be putting pictures of the progress on our facebook page for you to follow.

Thank you all, for supporting this project and we hope you are enjoying our progress.

Next Up: Cards!

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