Sunday, 21 June 2015

Revealing Truths

Evening all and a Happy Fathers Day to all you dads!

Whew what a week! So, what has happened in Purgatory I hear ask?

  • Second faction "Refugees of Religion" (not a finalised name) have been fleshed out, the characters created ready for the art sketch book. Good times!
  • Artwork for the 'Cathedral' is almost finished by the super talented Ania, it's good, oh it's good.
  • First card art is finished and ready to go to the printers! 
  • Another of the 'Soul Train' has scorched his way into the inbox!
  • Death is almost done. You might have seen the images of the first phase on our page and now the scissors have been added, it's just a case of adding the last few details and she will be ours, our we tell you!
It's a fun process, this creating your own company and range of models. The creativity available within the team we have here at Purgatory is quite breathtaking at times and the response we are getting from behind the scenes conversations and sampling has been overwhelming. 

So on today's BLOG we said that we would be talking about Death. Well actually you are in for a bit of a treat (well we certainly think so) and not only will you learn about who our Death is, it is also comes in a sample story that will be featuring on our website. 

Without further ado, we present Death

Death (also known as "The Old Dame", "Eve" and "The Long Night")

Before Death: When Adam was exiled, Eve though that God would forgive Adam and allow him once more to walk among his children. The years passed as if days and Eve cared for and nurtured her many children as any mother would, confident that God would someday return Adam to her.

Their children grew old and had their own children in turn. Each son choosing a new path and direction to expand and build upon the idea of man. As they did so, Eve grew old and frail, long and companion-less. As time marched ever onward, God saw bitterness and resentment take root in Eve's heart and for the last time he came to Eve and gave her a choice.

God offered Eve the ability to watch over her far roaming children, to be the mother he designed her to be. For God knew the mortality of mankind and entrusted Eve with guiding the souls of her children to the next realms. With this great task came the curse of immortality for all of man is a child of Eve and until each human had breather its last, Eve could not rest.

Reluctantly Eve agreed for she could no longer bear the paid of longing and loneliness.

As Death: Eve struggled to adapt to this role, watching on in horror as mankind became murderous, treacherous and false. Even worse still were the first few. Facing her sons and daughters to harvest their soul was torturous, for when they gazed upon her new form at their end, they could only ask: "Why?"

In order to detach herself from the pain of misunderstanding and hatred, Eve scoured the lands to build an effigy, to hide her true identity. When Eve had gathered the necessary materials Death as we know him today, came into being. 

From that point until now, Eve as Death, has become a figure of terror and awe, for wherever she is near, the end is never far.

In Game:

In Purgatory you will be able to field Death in one of three formats:
  • As 'Eve' with the blades of Wrath and Ruin
  • As 'Death', a towering construct of impending doom
  • As both, a terrifying combination of razor sharp intellect and brutal strength

Next time around on our BLOG we will talk some more about the main characters in our world and how they are likely to feature and when.

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