Sunday, 28 June 2015

The Who's Who...

How do folks?!

I say it nearly every time, but what. a. week. So much has happened that well we are almost bursting at the seams with information. The decisions would make number 10 look shabby! Ok, ok, so you want to know too, well here goes....
  • Starting with the most exciting. Our first sculpt was finished this morning! Our talented sculptor Lux has been hard at work, dealing with all of my micro comments and viola we have a finished green. The model will be winging its way to us in the next few days. Can't wait!
  • The background art for "Nuns!" has been completed by the also super talented Ania! Watch out for this, a whole bunch of characters has been created for this faction in the last few days and we hope you will love them!
  • The Soul Train has artwork for it's latest member. What a cool dude!
  • Samples have been arriving from producers and a decision has been made!
  • We hosting is now agreed and we have moved a few steps closer to a starting point for the website.
  • Our first few sales of our cool posters have left the building, thank you very much!
phew. Even my hands are tired from typing that!

So on to today's snippet. Releasing art and creating a back story is quite tricky. In fact as I approach my 35th birthday, I'm learning a whole new raft of skills and information as I work with my colleague at Underestimated Games to bring this project to life. One thing we have found is that a steady release of information will really help people connect with the project, but doing so in isolation can often leave people confused. Well if you are one of those people, hopefully a little run down of who's who will help you understand a bit more.

In our game, there will initially be 5 factions:
  • Renegades
  • Choirs
  • Death
  • Revelations
  • Decimators
For those following the project to date you will know of some of the characters, so we thought we would now tell you where they fit and a brief bit about them. Note, not all names will appear here, as well, you know we need some secrets.... right....

Renegades - These are the guys that were booted out of Heaven. Satan, who was the ring leader in chief had a go for the throne and well was given the age old heave-ho.
  • Lucretia - You've seen this lady. She is a warrior unparalleled, a paragon of fighting prowess and even though she was on the losing side, not one drop of her own blood did she shed. All she wants to do, is have a good scrap, whenever possible.
  • Erishkigal - A key person in Heaven, Erishkigal was the keeper of souls, it was her domain that the souls found eternal peace but now she is using her power over the souls under her command to take her revenge on God.
  • Moloch - In Heaven, this guy was the one responsible for the Death of the first born! On Earth he has taken to possessing a great statue and will not stop until every child has been sacrificed to him! (nice chap ey?)
Choirs - The few. A great many angels died in the war for heaven, those loyal more so, for Satan's trap was sudden and cunning. Having licked their wounds, they gather now in force to hunt down the renegades and reset the balance of power on Earth.
  • Siren - This little lady is the universes ultimate temptress. Succubus eat your darned heart out, this ladies where its at!
  • Penemue - One of the choirs of 'watchers'. Penemue has been on Earth before the late JC, teaching man oh before he can even recall. Penemue is mans Faith, his shield against all of the worlds depravations.
  • Ariel - Of God's angels Ariel was by far the most cunning. Ariel is the beastmaster, the hunter of foes and no matter which realm you reside in, your sanctuary is only temporary when Ariel is in pursuit.
Death - Well you know quite a bit about this little old Gal. Death is Eve, the first Woman of God's creation. Though she has been immortal since the early days, her sadness grows as her children tear themselves apart. Death seeks to reset the clock, to oversee the death of man, wiping the canvass clean for God to start again and to truly be free.
  • Noah - God gave Noah a task. Gather the animals and steer them to safety. For the Earth had become wicked and man needed a second chance. Noah did this and in many guises has aided the fall of civilisations over and over again. An apex predator and killer, Death has enlisted Noah to truly bring about the end of mankind as we know it.
Revelations - There are those in Heaven (and on Earth ;) ) that did not fight in the war for Heaven. Some looked for the victor in truly heroic fashion, others simply distanced themselves for reasons unknown. These individuals have their own agenda's that could have a significant bearing on everyone.
  • St Peter - The angel that guards the holy gates. He's like keeper of the keys, God's number one right? Wrong. This guy is pig sick of men. Imagine having to sit just outside of heaven and never getting in for all that time? Yup and he blames mankind, all of us. So it's not looking good for us right now!
Decimation - These guys don't play. Even the angels truly fear these guys. For they are few but boy oh boy do they pack a punch. Think of these guys as the head master, all the other factions are kids in a playground to this lot and guess what?

Play. time. is. over.

Anyway guys, we don't want to critical strike you with reels of text, so we will leave it there. We hope you like the sound of the above and that now you can place some people in the bigger picture. Over the coming weeks we will be talking about all of these characters and a lot more, as we haven't even talked about the humans yet!! ;)

Next up, we explain the sculpting process from our point of view.

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