Thursday, 7 April 2016

So what if Salute is like 7 days away.... huh? It's what.....

...'twas the week before Salute and all through the house, everyone was packing boxes, even the mouse....

Hello and welcome back to the BLOG! We hope you are all well and with some luck and a tail wind, those of you going to Salute we will meet only next weekend to say 'hello' and talk about the world of Purgatory.

So as we usually do, let's delve now it what exactly has been going on in our mad world.
  • Erishkigal, fallen angel associated with the Soul Train has been finished. The green was completed last week and she will be at the show for the first time on display! (ed: that's provided the postman turns up)
  • Siren, fallen angel associated to the.... *wags finger*.... nice try, you won't get that information out us that easily. But all jokes aside, she will be in the final stages or ready by salute. The sculptor is working super hard to bring this lady to bear.
  • Moloch has been commissioned. We are not talking about it any more, its just damn well happened and we won't be giving you WIPS. This model will be designed over a number of months so watch out for that in your face reveal.
  • The next member of the Soul Train is in progress. He will begin in early May, more information on that post Salute.
  • Bobby B is here in limited numbers. We will have 50 boxes of this model at Salute for you to get to grips with so be sure not to miss out. He is event only.
  • Hannibal has arrived, atop his war elephant, well not quite atop but they have arrived and the cast is great. Hannibal is available now and will be at Salute as well.
  • Parlour Tricks is next up for play testing which will begin early May. The rules for the game are down, the alpha set will be going out after Salute. More on that below.
So we talk about Salute a lot. Sorry about that, however, please allow us to explain.

Salute was our first real marker. Whilst the project has rattled along at a nice place this was always going to be our first real test as to how well the world of Purgatory has been received or even for a popular feedback on the project en masse.

It will be the first time people will be able to come and chat to us and ask questions, review the artwork as a whole and see the line of freshly cast models standing together for the first time.

In honesty, we are all excited by the prospect but there is that feeling of nervousness inside of us. itching for the day to arrive simply because so much time and effort has gone into it. For example, for each model purchased at the show, your goodie bag will include:
  • The model(s) you chose to buy
  • Reusable Purgatory Bag
  • Short story, focusing on Jazz and Keysha
  • Limited edition comic, detailing the moment Bridezilla was recruited to the RoR
  • Bag of Purgatory Sweets
  • Redeemable code for the Kickstarter Project
  • A free copy of the Alpha Rules*
*this will be distributed by email to everyone signing up to the newsletter. This will be early stage rules and will feature characters from the Soul Train and Murder Inc. so that you can play a game.

The starting line on this blog, could not have been more accurate. We have worked ourselves silly to try and bring the best experience to you on the day, so that you can see as much as humanly possibly about the world of Purgatory, how we got there and what's next for our game.

So, if you are going to Salute, be sure to pop by and say hello, we will very grateful to meet you. If you can't make it but absolutely love the Bobby sculpt (I can assure you the cloak is stunning) he will be on sale for the weekend of the 15th to 18th of April, so don't miss out.

I would like to leave with a thank you now. This is to all of you that have followed us along this journey spanning almost a year. Special thanks to all of those people that have shared the page, talked about us, recommended us, painted our models and supported this project by word of mouth or more.

We really appreciate it!

Team Purgatory

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  1. Saw your coverage at Salute on Beasts of War, love the look of this game. Where can I see/buy this special model? It's not up on your website.