Monday, 29 February 2016

Updates and Upgrades

Hello and welcome back to Purgatory!

The halls of Purgatory are busy with the hustle and bustle of activity as we rapidly approach Salute 2016, our first expo. We can't wait!

Our stand has been allocated and we are on TK27 at the top of the hall.

So what has been happening at Purgatory exactly. A lot, let me tell you... come on over and listen in :)

  • Hannibal, Apostle of Murder Inc. With his trusty elephant has been cast as a master! It looks great. Sculpted by Lux Thantor, at 32mm to the eye, Hannibal comes with his pet elephant and a specific base. Produced in high quality resin by GRX this model will be available slightly in advance of Salute.
  • Bobby B, alternate Apostle to Soul Train (as an event only model) this 32mm to the eye model was against sculpted by Lux Thantor and is created by GRX in high quality resin. The model comes with an event only playing card and is only available between the 15th and 17th of April initially.
  • Keysha, footslogger from the Soul Train is available for pre order now and we expect her at any time in the next week. Keysha is 32mm to the eye, sculpted by Fancagne Didier of Kaha Miniatures and comes with a unique base and in 5 parts (including the base). You can grab your copy of Keysha from the Facebook store.
  • Walking seamlessly into this subject the Facebook store has been launched. You can get all 3 of the currently available models from the store and we will be adding more as they come out.
  • Play testing has begun and more on that below.
  • Parlor Tricks has joined the Refugees of Religion in game testing and will be debuting this week as we attempt to test our first truly ranged faction that is Gift of God cards attuned.
  • Erishkigal is in the works with Gautier Giroud and WIP's are starting to come through as we look to bring the next model to the range!

So there has been a lot going on. Parlour Tricks will be going to the artist in the coming week as we look to finalise our compliment for Salute to give you a broad view of what we are bringing to the party.

Talking of party, ours has got bigger, with over 600 likes at the time of writing we are pleased to thank you for sharing the word of Purgatory amongst friends and fellow gamers! We are humbled by the following we are developing and look forward to bringing something fun to you in the coming weeks.

So let's talk fun and maybe some specific mechanics of Purgatory.

The stat card is straight forward and we will discuss this today. So we have the following:

M - Movement. With the game being alternate activations, AP can be used to move. There is the mechanism to triple move to keep slower characters in play. Its worth remembering that we have angels and these guys can fly which adds a nice depth of movement values to keep people guessing.

Ma - Melee Attack. When you enter the melee in Purgatory, this attack, following a standard table will demonstrate your proficiency in close quarters.

Ra - Ranged Attack. This shows your proficiency in ranged attacks. Some of the cohorts are more proficient at shooting. Watch out for Parlour Tricks in particular.

Ca - Casting. Most characters are '0' however this does not stop them. This stat is used for the Gift of the Gods cards and allows players to boost their chances of achieving the casting value on any given card. The Gift of the Gods cards are drawn each game turn at the start and can give you the upper hand. There are 2 of 30 different cards for you to choose from which will enable you to build your own deck and tailor it to your faction.

S - Strength.

D - Defence.

HP - Hit Points.

Dex - Dexterity. This is probably an interesting part. In other games, you have a number of saves that work in different ways. Dex is a version of that. If an ability should cause harm and states that 'no armour saves are allowed' then you would use the Dex save. This represents a realistic spin on our world, because lets face it, a 70mm cal tank round to the face and most armour just won't cut it, no matter how holy you might be. So Dex represents instinct and reflexes as you hear a bang and think oh sh......

AS - Armour Save. It's the other mechanism to Dex. However represents where armour might actually be beneficial. So is used when 'normal armour saves are allowed'.

FF - Fight or Flight. Will you run or will you stay. It's a version of leadership and primarily works in tandem with psychology or 'scary shit' as we call it. In addition, in Purgatory, you can take a 'savage beating' which requires a FF test if you lose more than half of your wounds in one activation. It acts as a mechanism to react to changing circumstances.

Other information:

Merc Cost - This value represents the cost  to synergise between the cohorts. Like we said in other publications that we will be allowing freedom to players to mix cohorts to generate unique and bespoke synergies to suit your playing style or your preference of model. The merc cost is there as a balance against some of the synergies you can create. There is a further downside to mercs. they cannot benefit from a differing Host's FF or benefit from their specific angelic ability so be careful to offset the AA vs the synergy on offer.

Angelic Abilities. There are 4 and each Host can bestow this ability for 1 AP cost to any member of her specific cohort.(I.e. Erishkigal and Soul Train) Heavenly Grace allows you to recover a lost wound for a non host model. Sinister Possession allows you to bestow an additional AP on a model that has already activated or not. Bounty of the Gods  will allow you to draw 2 Gift of the Gods cards and choose the most suitable one for you this turn and finally Undying Legion boosts character stats for a whole game turn. All of which have their benefits.

Other things shown on the stat card are the abilities themselves, alongside some unique character special abilities.

This BLOG could go on forever listing these but as a flavor, with Hannibal being one of the foremost generals in history, it was only fitting that 'King of the Aps' should allow this apostle to redeploy d3 models after your opponent has full deployed. Just as a taster.

So, that is probably, well definitely, the biggest single piece of information on the game that we have released.

And there is more, oh so more because we have played now 6 games, with Soul Train leading the win table with 3 victories. We will keep adding to this table and over the coming weeks will publish these results to give you a feel of how each faction matches up.

So what do you think? Interest piqued? We hope so....

Catch you next time :)

Team Purgatory

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