Tuesday, 27 September 2016

10, 9, 8, 7...... We will have lift off!

Welcome back to Purgatory. 

It’s been a while and the last time we haunted these boards but we felt the time was right to return and give you one last update before the project goes live. Communication is of fundamental importance in any project which is why we are continually announcing advancements and changes to everyone as much as possible.

The important thing is that in the lead up as we count down the days to launch, less than 14 days now, we haven’t experienced any delays or issues. In fact we are very much on target. In the last fortnight alone we have managed to complete the kickstarter page and allow you to preview it, which you can find here: https://goo.gl/g73jPi . We also managed to create a brand new character for you to get free if we reach our funding target in the first 48 hours! There is even another model available at £15k which everyone can get a free version if you back over £10! Not bad. So what else has happened?
  • The model of Jack is in progress and the basic outline is complete
  • Moloch edges closer to completion and will have options for you to choose, enhancing the value of this model
  • Mike and Jess are at the manufacturers, waiting patiently to be created ready for the project
  • New artwork has been completed for the kickstarter which sees two characters go toe to toe
  • Jack gets the royal treatment in some stunning new artwork
  • A new faction has been created and will be previewed during the kickstarter to show you what comes afterwards
  • Bobby, Siren and St. Peter stat cards have been released along with the card for ‘The Summoned’

What isn’t listed above is the box itself. We have shown some images of the boxed game and the feedback has been great. We have really crammed it full of quality, which has been something underpinning everything that we do from the start. The artwork in terms of the cards, the rulebook and the box turned out to be exceptional. Combine this with the quality of the models themselves and you really are getting something to write home about. Compare this to the cost and you really are getting great value, even more so if you get in early for the free model and we fund within 48 hours. We deliberately made the early stretch goals rewarding for our backers, it gives you more value early on in the process so that you can add to your collection quicker and start the process of interchanging models within your factions and hunting down those synergies.

It’s been an 18 month journey to get here with significantly more highs than lows. It’s been eye opening and interesting to look at how projects are built and I have be honest and admit that if you had asked me five years ago how I’d have felt about making a complete game, with rules to boot, I may have laughed. However, equally I have to say, that even though we are racing to finishing line, putting in as many hours as possible, we have enjoyed every minute of it. I am not sure how many of you saw it, but we posted recently about just where in the world Purgatory models could be found. It was quite far ranging and after sitting there with my daughter working that out, I had to say I sat back relaxed but equally quite humbled.

Creating your own game, world and models is a fantastic experience and both challenging and rewarding in equal measure. Seeing a box on the table, with people opening it up and getting excited by the content and models was great and a feeling that cannot be put into words, so I won’t try. It will just be gushing nonsense but I think you get the point.

So what comes next? Well we know what phase 2 looks like. In fact, we’ll let you into a bit of that further down. The next challenge for us is to reach our reduced funding target and put Purgatory on the map and you can help us do that. Over the next 6 weeks, we will be bringing out new artwork, showing off new models and updating you on our progress as the campaign ticks over. We have our stretch goals and capabilities mapped and we know what you can get your hands on. We have recently completed some play testing videos that will be going live in the next few days so that you can listen to how some of the game mechanics work. These videos are short, between 3 & 6 minutes in duration making them easy ‘lite bites’ to digest collectively or in isolation.

Phase 2 is quite exciting. Whereas phase 1 introduces the characters, the world and the setting, phase 2 brings other aspects ‘on stream’ as Michael and Satan join the fore. Alongside these characters we will see more from characters such as Uvall, Lucretia, Airiale & Marut and their associated cohorts. The portals will be pulsing and will bring elements from other planets within our realm as fresh species will join the ranks of devils and humans on Earth. We plan on bringing ‘Tomes’ out for phase 2. These are books that will collectively store abilities or stats of specific factions whilst allowing you to build your own characters as well as introducing characters that you can interchange between your group which will be backed up by models. Phase 2 will also explore buildings and scenery to make your battleground more unique as you fight for the spoils of war.

The Age of Purgatory is upon mankind and now we fight our most desperate battle to regain control over our destiny before we are enslaved to others and wiped from existence. You have the chance to tip the balance in your chosen favour. Will you save humanity or laugh wickedly as you facilitate its demise?

Thanks for coming back to us and reading our latest BLOG. Watch out for further updates during the kickstarter campaign in all of our media platforms as you never know, you might find a cheeky code or two that will get you some goodies...

Team Purgatory 

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