Thursday, 28 May 2015

Partners in Crime

Welcome back, I hope you have had fairer times. It's been a tough last week, in fact, its been a tough few months. My partner (as in not business I might add) are getting married in 3 months, time flies, it seemed like only well, 9 months ago, that it was a year away... hmm... add to the mix, 2 losses in the family, one of which was my great grandma of 97 years (and 10 days) I am sure you will agree its been difficult.

However as with everything in life, there is usually a link and this brings me quite nicely on to my subject this evening. Business Partners.

When you set out on a crazy journey, often it becomes unfulfilled. In fact, I bet everyone of you reading this has had that moment in bed, just as you settle in and you get that 1 - 30 mins of quiet time as you drift (or slump) off to sleep, your brain says "oi mate, check this shit out" and you come up with the most scientific, life changing, cancer curing moment of absolute clarity where your idea will make millions or save thousands, it's brilliant, you scrutinise it and start dreaming of the possibilities... you dream of..... dreams. Then you wake up. It's 6am the next morning and if you will be beggared sideways you can't remember a thing of what this idea was.

So when I had my crazy plan, luckily for me it was during the day, I almost crashed but I didn't lose to the idea predator that is sleep. I wrote it down real sharp, I spoke to a couple of close friends and consigned it to memory, this little beauty was mine now!

You have read how I nearly went in with another company and how I found some artists so you have a handle on some context. When I spoke to my friend Mark, I outlined my idea to him. Ok, so we weren't in the same group any more, but creative ideas should always be shared. My intention would never be to go into direct competition so I floated the idea past him. He liked I, it was fresh and different, something not out there, a clear canvas so to speak to draw your own world. However n coming to a close he asked "who are you doing this with?", I immediately said that I'd considered asking some folk but initial enquiries were met with very little.

He suggested that I find someone to go in with, he suggested that actually having someone to just 'check' you with an idea, path or direction was incredibly important and I think he was right.

Ironically enough however, it came from what I believed was an unlikely source but actually when you think about it, it came from the best possible place it could.

My best mate.

Now, some of you might be sitting there now screaming "what, no, that's like working with the wife" or "what if you fall out?" maybe even "man that would be so cool, it would be so much fun, it would be jokes all day" but you'd get feck all done. That's for damn sure.

It came out of the blue as well. Literally.

"This project you are doing, what is it about, tell me about it, I wanna know what you are up to". That was pretty much what Aidan said to me.

Now, Aidan has not played a tabletop game in his life, short of monopoly, to which he thinks he is the grand pubar I might add. Instead he invests countless hours in computer games, almost OCD in his approach to ensure he secures achievements and unlocks everything. He is pretty synonymous with detail.

Actually this works, better than you can believe because, knowing each other well enough means that you cut to the chase, pretty darn quick. If an idea is just off you very quickly get "mate, that sounds dick" and you move on. It's a great way of preventing indecision and procrastination. When you don't get a decision from either immediately, there is a mutual understanding that actually it genuinely needs some thought.

So I laid out the concept. I wanted to combine a number of styles, I wanted a strong background, where IP or copyright was not going to hinder me but could instead give me a platform. I looked at the current miniature market and noticed that actually there were very few angels out there of a high quality. I was conscious however that I didn't just want Heaven vs Hell or Angel vs Daemon. It needed to be more, more complex, more depth, more width in absolute honesty. With it came the concept for St Peter, Death and the 4 'horse'men of the apocalypse.

I explained that I wanted Angels in modern day, I explained how we got there, how Angels fell during one of the greatest civilisations of our time. No more would man look to the sky and wonder, now he had seen the sky open up and vomit forth renegades with vengeance swiftly on its heels and actually man didn't like what came after because it would change how we existed forever.

I laid how I would bring a biblical spin into a plane where any human, no matter what period of time could be rallied to a banner and could fight for any side whatsoever. So in the context of a well known range, space marines could fight for an ork warboss, because that is just how it is. I mean, let's face it, pick a name, any name, would you like that model.... I mean what about Attila the Hun on a Harley, with a sawn off shortgun, doing a wheelie whilst swing a chain over his head, charging towards a renegade angel that needs the corpses of children to sustain itself?!?! Who's good? Who's bad, Who Cares..?!?! It's just frigging cool (well we hope you think so. because we do)

I wanted a range of high quality models that painters could enjoy with a rich history of background that could support a progressive gaming system that would offer a card spin (which we think is really neat) alongside fun and interactive play. It was my ambition to spin every single cliché and throw it against the wall and drag the best bits up and a make a good peanut butter and jelly sandwich. 2 things that should never go together, but by God do they work well.

Needless to say. He was in. And here we are.

In the next BLOG I will go into some greater detail about the characters and the thought process. Next week will see our first model sculpted so there will be a heavy slant on her and what se is all about. However it is our aim to bring a range of models to you, that are cool, innovative, unique, great for painters, fun for gamers and hopefully a taking point to bring friends, gamers and strangers together to enjoy our hobby.

In summary. I've found the ideal business partner. Any person that can sit, listen and contribute toward that kind of mess, when you are in a pretty grubby place as it is, is simply a no brainer.

We are making great strides, have taken some decisions and made some commitments that will see all of the revenue generated from this project reinvested for a significant period of time to get us to a place where we can provide you with a self, or crowd funded game to play on those lazy Sunday afternoons.

We hope you are enjoying this journey, we are and we are overflowing with enthusiasm and we hope you tag along for the ride.

Thank you for your time.

Next Up:

Who's who is Purgatory and what does Death want?!!?

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